What Is Augmented Reality And Its Uses

Augmented Reality Mobile Application If you think that smartphones and apps have become an indispensable part of modern living, helping keep things more organised, enjoyable and fun, wait until you hear about augmented reality. Augmented reality refers to juxtaposing data generated by software or apps over reality. The technology is nothing new, having been used for both military and […] Continue reading →

Security used to protect your money and information on online casinos

Online Security At Gaming Sites Playing games at an online casino is a fun, captivating and entertaining pastime, and many have made the move away from land-based casinos to online ones due to reasons of convenience. However, some people who may not be used to using online services (like online shopping or online banking) appear to be skeptical about the […] Continue reading →

A Quick Overview on Building Android Apps/Games

Android Developer Lab Android has undoubtedly emerged as the global leader in the world of smartphone apps. With over 850,000 new Android devices being activated on a daily basis, its easy to expect an incredible growth in the popularity of this mobile platform in the coming years. If you’re a developer then diving deep into Android app development […] Continue reading →

Top PCB Manufacturer And Assembly Companies

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Example Key to developing any hardware based product or solution is the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) – that typically green, but sometimes red or blue, piece of fiberglass like material used as the substrate to hold all of the components and the electrically conductive traces. There are many options available for PCB manufacturing, and these depend on […] Continue reading →

Ins And Outs of Roku IOS Application

Developing With Roku The mobile technology is flourishing with blazingly high pace. It has enabled the end-users to accomplish their simple or complex tasks with utmost convenience, without compromising on their luxury. The emergence of Smartphones has initiated a fierce competition between several popular bandwagons and delivered amazing results to the consumers. To say that the Apple iPhones […] Continue reading →

GCT Semiconductor Licenses Arteris FlexNoC Interconnect IP

Arteris Network On Chip Arteris Inc., the inventor and industry leader in commercial network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect IP solutions, today announced that GCT Semiconductor, a leading fabless designer and supplier of advanced 4G LTE semiconductor solutions, has licensed Arteris FlexNoC IP for use in its low power LTE digital baseband chipsets. GCT Semiconductor is a longtime Arteris IP customer, having […] Continue reading →