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Ironwood Electronics Offers High Performance Test Sockets And Adapters

Ironwood Electronics Sockets an Adpaters
Sockets and Adapters (Credit – Ironwood)

Ironwood Electronics offers high performance test sockets and adapters for both engineering and production use. Adpaters for IC packages include QFN, BGA, SOIC, QFP, and other SMT packages.

Released this year is their new “Low Cost Stamped Pin Socket” for Burn-in and Test Socket applications. Our GHz line of spring pin and elastomer sockets provide socketing for almost all packages in BGA and QFN as well as up to 40 GHz bandwidth. Ironwood Electronics sockets boast the smallest footprint in the industry.The high-bandwidth sockets will accommodate fine package dimensions, with pitches as small as 0.3 mm.

IronwoodElectronics also provides customized adapters to the semiconductor  industry for those systems requiring intricate SMT interfaces for emulation, test, and prototype functions.

In addition to high speed test sockets, Ironwood Electronics has been a leader in low and high volume turn-key adapters, including IC probing and package conversion solutions for over 20 years.

Their facility is ISO-9001:2008 approved with mechanical and electrical engineering staff and develops hundreds of custom sockets and adapters every year for the semiconductor industry. They specialize in quick turn, high quality, well designed adapters and sockets.

Global Headquarters
1335 Eagandale Court
Eagan, MN 55121
United States

Phone: 952-229-8200
Fax: 651-452-8400

Contact Info:

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