Osram SFH7770E6 Ambient Light And Proximity Sensor Development Kit

Osram Proximity, Light Sensor

The OSRAM Opto Semiconductors SFH 7770 E6 is a two-in-one digital solution, featuring both a proximity sensor and ambient light sensor in one package with an I²C bus interface.

It determines the ambient brightness, detects the presence of an object nearby and can even tell whether the object is moving closer or moving further away. By using 2 or 3 IR LEDs instead of one, it is even possible to detect gestures.

Compared to its predecessors (SFH 7770 E4 and E5), the SFH 7770 E6 features a more sensitive proximity sensor—up to five times improved sensitivity—and improved ambient light sensor (sensitive down to 0.03lx). The SFH 7770 E6 is a compact device which is designed for simultaneous detection of ambient light and proximity of reflecting objects.

Matchbox Demo: Intelligent Proximity Sensing (2m:49s)

Applications are for mobile phones, PDAs, notebooks, cameras, and other consumer products.


  • Proximity sensing: (1”, 4” & 6”) Place hand over indicator LED at the designated distance to turn on. Remove hand to turn off.
  • Slide: Slide finger across the two indicator LEDs to turn on. Slide finger across in the opposite direction to turn off.
  • Rotary: Rotate finger counter clockwise around the three indicator LEDs to increase brightness. Rotate finger clockwise to reduce brightness.
  • Touch: Tap indicator LED to turn on/off. Hold finger down to increase/decrease brightness.
  • Wave: Wave hand left- right- left once for on. Wave a second time for off.
  • Ambient Light Sensor: Ambient light will increase brightness. The reduction of ambient light will decrease brightness. 

Overview of specifications:

Ambient Light Sensor

  • Closely matches the sensitivity of the human eye
  • High accuracy from 3 – 65,000 lx
  • Low temperature coefficient of photosensitivity
  • Insensitivity to mains-power related 50-60 Hz flickering
  • Excellent linearity

Proximity Sensor

  • Detection range of up to 300 mm
  • Gesture recognition possible
  • Capable of driving a maximum of 3 IR LEDs with up to 200mA
  • Optimized for 850 nm emitters
  • Insensitive to ambient light 

The Matchbox Demo kit, shown in the video above, is available from electronics distributor Mouser.


(Image Credit – Osram)

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