Top 5 Flash Memory Companies For 2013

Toshiba NAND Flash Memory

The list of Flash memory manufacturers continues to shrink with industry consolidations and acquisitions. However this still remains a highly profitable, nearly $50 Billion market.

Flash memory, and all types of solid state memory in general, are used by Apple (iPhones, iPads and tablet computers) and others for consumer electronics (televisions, appliances); Google, Amazon and Yahoo are large users for their cloud systems and data storage facilities.

Based on public information, investor reports and stock market data, this is the list of the top 5 Flash memory companies for 2013. SanDisk is the only company which is primarily involved with the manufacturing and selling of memory products; The other four have other product lines as well as vertical business units. For this reason, the portion of their sales revenue attributed to the memory products is estimated.

#1 – Samsung (NASDAQ: SSNLF) – $15.2 Billion

#2 – Toshiba  (NASDAQ: TOSBF) – $13.1 Billion

#3 – SanDisk (NASDAQ: SNDK) – $6.2 Billion

#4 – SK Hynix (KOREA: SE) – Flash $5.2 Billion

#5 – Micron  (NASDAQ: MU) – $4.7 Billion

In related news, Toshiba recently filed a lawsuit in Japan against SK Hynix alleging wrongful acquisition and use of Toshiba’s proprietary technical information. SanDisk has filed a similar lawsuit in the Santa Clara Superior Court for trade secret misappropriation.


(Image Credit – Toshiba)

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