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The choices seem limitless. There is the popular iPad. Amazon offers the Kindle Fire, while Barnes & Noble has its Nook series of devices. Although technically e-readers, these devices function as lower-cost tablets.

Then there are the powerful Galaxy tablets manufactured by Samsung, not to mention countless lower-profile devices from smaller tech companies. At least one website recommends that you skip all the above-mentioned tablets and instead purchase the iPad Mini.

The benefits of the mini

Staffers at the Wirecutter blog recommend the iPad Mini for one simple reason: It’s just as powerful as its larger cousin, but it weighs a lot less.

For the staffers of the Wirecutter, the traditional iPad’s heft, as they call it, has become a serious liability. As the staffers wrote in a recent blog post, you can’t hold the traditional iPad like a magazine, which is the ultimate goal of a tablet. That’s because its weight is more similar to a hefty coffee table book.

The iPad Mini, on the other hand? It really is light.


Best of all, the iPad Mini, though smaller than the iPad, performs just as well as its larger cousin. The author of the Wirecutter post wrote about toting both versions of the iPad in a bag, watching movies on both devices and carrying them around the house.

The final verdict was clear: The Mini was more comfortable to hold. And watching movies, reading books, listening to music, surfing the web and playing games were no less impressive on the smaller device.

The right recommendation?

Of course, this is just one site’s opinion. Your opinion may differ.

The best way to decide which tablet is right for you: shop around. Try out the different tablets at the nearest bookstore or technology retailer. See which ones feel too heavy, which ones boast the best graphics and which have the most intuitive web browser or greatest selection of apps.

It might seem like there are too many tablets available today. But wouldn’t you rather have too many of these amazing devices than too few?


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