Can Samsung’s phones become the choice of business execs? Via Acumor

Samsung Smartphone Lineup

Samsung’s smartphone business is booming. The company ranks as the top-seller of smartphones to consumers across the globe. But there’s one area where Samsung hasn’t reached the top: Selling these same devices to businesses and executives.

A new goal

In a recent story, the Wall Street Journal stated that if Samsung wants to continue its impressive growth, it will have to make inroads in the business world. The tech firm has already conquered the consumer world with its tablets and smartphones. Doing the same in the business world is Samsung’s next challenge, according to the Journal story.

Security problems

Some of the reason for Samsung’s struggles to break into the business world is in its security system for mobile devices, a system known as Knox. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the system has been hit with delays and programming bugs. This has frustrated clients, including a big one, the U.S. Defense Department.

Beating BlackBerry

Samsung has the ability to reach BlackBerry-level heights in the business world, the Journal story says. BlackBerry, of course, had long dominated the business market thanks partially to its superior mobile security systems. BlackBerry today, though, has fallen on hard times. This leaves an opening for Samsung, if the company can improve its mobile security.


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