New tech will protect your smartphone from falls Via Acumor

Protect Your iPone From Drops

How much might you pay to protect your smartphone from accidental drops and bumps?

How about $35?

That’s the amount you’d need to invest in the latest in smartphone-protection science, as reported by a recent feature by the New York Times’ Gadgetwise blog.

A new era of protection

The New York Times’ Gadgetwise column recently concentrated on a new generation of protective cases created for smartphones. According to the Times, these new cases do a far better job of cushioning smartphones.

D30 protection

The Times highlights the cases created by Tech21, a London-based firm. Based on the column, the cases made by Tech21 contain D30, a polymer material. Should you drop your phone and it’s protected by one of these cases, the D30 absorbs and redirects the force of an impact, keeping your prized smartphone safe.

An investment worth making?

Are the cases worth the expense? Probably. According to the Times story, the Impact Band case developed by Tech21 costs $30. The Impact Mesh case runs $35. Both are likely to make smartphone drops less devastating occurrences.


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