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Top Global Technology Companies For 2013

Top Global Technology Companies

The 17 companies below comprise the top global technology companies, with individual 2013 annual revenues exceeding $25 Billion.


In total, these companies generated nearly one Trillion dollars in the last year. Of the 17, ten have headquarters in the USA, six are Japanese and one is Taiwanese.

Apple (USA) – $156.5B

IBM (USA) – $104.5B

Panasonic (Japan) – $88.0B

Mitsubishi (Japan) – $71.9B

Toshiba (Japan) – $69.5B

Amazon (USA) – $61.1B

Intel (USA) – $53.0B

Fujitsu (Japan) – $52.8B

Google (USA) –  $52.2B

Cisco Systems (USA) – $46.1B

Ingram Micro (USA) – $37.8B

Oracle (USA) – $37.1B

Sumitomo (Japan) – $36.2B

Quanta Computer (Taiwan) – $34.4B

3M (USA) – $29.9B

Sharp (Japan) – $29.8B

Tech Data (USA)- $25.3B

(Image Credit – SourecTech411 – Individual logos and images are the properties of their respective companies)

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