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Privacy Statement 

Your privacy is very important to us and we are committed to protecting your privacy and utilizing technology that gives you the most powerful and secure online experience. SourceTech411 adheres to the following privacy policy regarding its collection, use and dissemination of personal and non-personal information collected through its website (“Site”). SourceTech411 reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any time. This policy explains the practices that SourceTech411 intends to follow with respect to data collection and the use of it so please read the entire statement.

Personal Information

Visitors are not required to reveal any personal information in order to use many of the features of the Site. However, in some instances, SourceTech411 requests that users provide certain personal information in order to facilitate future communications, make a purchase of products, or receive software, tools, information or other materials from SourceTech411 or it’s partners.

To the extent that SourceTech411 seeks personal information from you, you will be prompted to provide that information, which may be stored in the profile information database. SourceTech411 also uses “Cookies” to collect information about our visitors.

Non-Personal Information

SourceTech411 uses non-personal information such as the geographic location from which your IP request emerged to suggest the appropriate language presentation or to select the best promotion aligned to that region. We also use browser type, operating system, and page visits for statistical analysis of site usage and navigation trends.

 Can I decline the collection of personal information?

You always have the option to decline to provide requested information, however this may result in not receiving services or materials from SourceTech411 or it’s partners.


We are continuously improving the Site for technology changes, performance, navigation and ease of use. To assist this effort, we use cookies to understand how the Site is being navigated and used. A cookie is a tiny piece of text placed on your computer’s hard drive. The purpose is to let SourceTech411 know when you visit the Site and to personalize your experience based on your stored information. SourceTech411 does not collect any personal information from the use of cookies that you have not already provided.

The advantage to you as a visitor on the Site is that information requested by SourceTech411 for samples, support or purchases will be pre-filled for you based on the information we collect via a cookie and your stored profile. This saves you time from entering information each time you visit the Site and request any function within the Site that requires registration.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact at email address “external dot webmaster at Sourcetech411 dot com”

 How does SourceTech411 use personal information?

SourceTech411 will use the information you provide for legitimate business purposes, such as to facilitate future communications with you, assist you in making a purchase of SourceTech411 products, or respond to your request for SourceTech411 information and materials, as well as for third party requests for samples, support or product information. SourceTech411 does not generally share your personal information with third parties, however authorized third parties may be given access to your personal information in connection with fulfillment of legitimate business uses which are designed to serve you, such as shipping products or materials requested by you. In addition, SourceTech411 reserves the right to collect and share personal information as part of (i) an investigation or response to a violation of SourceTech411 terms and conditions of use, fraud, illegal activities or other actions or threats which may damage SourceTech411, the Site, or other property, or injure or threaten SourceTech411’s customers or other persons, (ii) compliance with a court order, subpoena, government investigation or other legal process, or (iii) transfer or sale of a business unit.

 Can I modify or delete personal information?

You can modify or delete your personal information within the your profile page at any time through the My Profile page available on the Site. If at any time you wish to have SourceTech411 remove your information from its database, or to make other changes, please notify SourceTech411 at email address “external dot webmaster at Sourcetech411 dot com”

 What does SourceTech411 do to protect my information?

SourceTech411 provides three levels of protection. 1. Access to the servers that store your information is limited to those SourceTech411 employees and third parties with a need to know the information. 2. The servers use commercially-available security measures to prevent unauthorized access. 3. When you transact business with SourceTech411 through our Web site, SourceTech411 will take reasonable steps to establish a secure connection to your Web browser. While SourceTech411 will continue to exercise diligence and use reasonable measures to protect the security of this Site, SourceTech411 cannot warrant that all internet communications will be absolutely secure or that the personal information will never be compromised. Please note: Some corporate firewalls do not support secure-SSL transmissions. If you experience problems when trying to connect using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), please contact your internet administrator and confirm if your corporate firewall supports SSL.

External Links The Site contains links to third party sites. Since SourceTech411 does not control those websites or their providers, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third party sites.