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13 Tech Products That Stood Out in 2013

Top 13 Tech For 2013
Top 13 Tech For 2013

In present scenario, no other industry is booming like IT. This field is developing day by day; a large number of new products are arriving in the market that is easing our lives. Here presenting the list of 13 high technology based products that have given remarkable performance in the year 2013. These products are considered best in their categories.

BioShock Infinite:

BioShock Infinite is a game which takes all the players on an amazing journey and enthralls in its sequence of events. Its environment also stays according to the need.

Kindle Fire HDX:

This year many tablets arrived in the market out of which Apple’s refreshed iPads. Samsung also made changes in its mini iPad and bought Nexus 7. Like the same Amazon has produced a high strength media consumption based tablet which is much better than others. The 7 inch Kindle Fire HDX is also mind-blowing in terms of its price and performance. This device is also known for its expertly integrated ecosystem.

Pebble Smart watch:

The Pebble comes under smart watch category and it is considered quite impressive. This watch is high technology based and proving the best among all. It has left behind the geek’s fantasy in terms of technology. It contain e-paper screen, many useful apps with good battery life. These features are making it better than its counter parts.

iPhone 5S:

iPhone is an advanced mobile device that you can purchase. Its formidable power with an unmatched mobile OS is making it exclusive. This gadget has also won the heart of many Apple fans.

Leap Motion:

Leap motion is a wonderful device and gives an eye-opening experience. Its controller is a 1.0 device which comes with buggy software. It has capacity to get users attention.

Olympus OM-D EM-1:

It is a very perfect mirror less design based camera. It’s in build with perfection has made it unique and enthusiastic amateurs for all the photographers. Its super-fast autofocus based customizable buttons makes users more fascinating about it.

13-Inch MacBook Pro along with Retina Display:

It is an ultra – thin design based laptop with is much better than its counterparts. It has firstly introduced the concept of ultra high retina display. Apple has done many remarkable things in its construction. This 13 inch MacBook is known for its outstanding performance.

Fitbit Force:

It is fitness tracker sports with an OLED display. It is a very smart device that can be put on your wrist. Along with its all amazing features its battery-backup is mind-blowing. It can track your movements but stays slightly bulky in size.

Bose QuietComfort 20i Noise- earphones:

Bose is considering an achiever in noise-cancelling headphones. It provides very comfortable earbuds that are well designed. To get connected with the world of music you must try to use it once.

Kwikset Kevo:

Kwikset Kevo is a wonderful unlock system by which we can open an unlock door with the help of a cellphone. It is powered by Bluetooth and its lock is touching sensitive, you just need to touch it for making it unlock.

Parallels Access:

Parallels Access is a wonderful machine that carries fun loving, useful and well designed apps. This work as an iPad and its entire features are quite similar to that gadget.

2014 Mazda6:

It is a car of similar to our lifestyles. In every way it’s quite impressive. It carries Bluetooth connectivity so that you can make a free call. With the dashboard it carries a 5.8 inch touch screen.

Galaxy S4:

It is a hotly anticipated gadget of 2013. Galaxy S4 is technically sophisticated and carries many advance features that can certainly amaze you.

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