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Got a gently used iPhone 4S? Get $200 from Microsoft Via Acumor

Microsoft Wants Your iPhone
Microsoft Wants Your iPhone

Microsoft and Apple have long been rivals. Now Microsoft is going after consumers who have already purchased iPhones, offering them a $200 trade-in if they bring in gently used iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 phones to a Microsoft store, according to a recent story by CJ Arlotta for MSPmentor.

Will it work?

According to Arlotta’s column, consumers who bring in an old iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 to a Microsoft store will receive a gift card worth $200. Consumers can then use the cards like cash at the store, buying whatever items they’d like.

A similar move

This might seem like especially ingenious marketing by Microsoft. But it’s not really a new trick. The company earlier offered consumers the identical $200 gift-card offer for turning their gently used iPads into a Microsoft store.

The details

The new offer, not surprisingly, isn’t an unlimited one. As Arlotta writes, the offer runs from Sept. 27 until Nov. 3 of this year. Microsoft prefers that you bring in a power cord together with your used iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and the phones can’t be password-protected.


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