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What Will Artificial Intelligence Mean For The Future Of Work?

$2,000 Scholarship Contest From Ideapod
$2,000 Scholarship Contest From Ideapod

Social media thought platform, that will award US$2,000 to the student who creates the best idea on what Artificial Intelligence will mean for work.

Applicants will post their ideas on using the platform’s 1000 character limit. The 10 ideas with the largest number of ‘supports’ will be submitted to a group of ADC Forum judges, who will then decide a winner.

Ideapod and the ADC Forum launched the program to stimulate debate on Artificial Intelligence and the implication it has for the future of work.

Justin Brown, co-founder of Ideapod, explains: “One of the most exciting and talked about technologies today is Artificial Intelligence – we believe it’s going to change human life in enormously important ways.”

He added: Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic about what Ray Kurzweil has termed the – that moment when the intelligence of one machine outstrips all humanity – we can all agree the effects will be tremendous.

“The more optimistic view is that machines will make us work more efficiently and only remove the jobs that people don’t need (or want) to do, freeing us to pursue the creative instead of the repetitive.”

To find out more about the Scholarship Program, as well as how to apply, visit . The deadline for this year’s program is 15 September 2015.

About Ideapod and ADC Forum

Ideapod is a social platform for sharing ideas. Ideas must be no more than 1000 characters in length and can include an image or YouTube/Vimeo video.

ADC Forum is an Australian, non-political, not-for-profit leadership organisation which brings together leaders from business, government, the public sector, academia and the broader community, to improve their understanding of key issues affecting Australia.


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