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Atmel To Be Acquired By Dialog Semi

Atmel latest in tech mergers
Atmel latest in tech mergers

Continuing the recent trend of mergers and acquisitions in the IC market, Dialog Semiconductor has announced it’s deal to acquire Atmel. This is estimated at $4.6 Billion in cash-and-stock, bringing a 43% premium over recent Atmel stock prices.

Other notable consolidations in the electronics industry include:

Altera bought by Intel (June, 2015) for nearly $17 Billion

Broadcom acquired by Avago Technologies (May, 2015) for $37 Billion

Spansion merged into Cypress (March, 2015) for $5 Billion

Freescale merged into NXP (March, 2015) for $40 Billion

Image Source: Atmel Corp.

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  1. BigTex says

    Texas Instruments buys Silicon Labs

    1. admin says

      TI certainly did well with their NSC acquisition

  2. Davidgomes says

    Mergers take place at any time a organization is bought with the objective of combining it with another organization to create a greater enterprise. Acquisitions take place when a organization is acquired by a different organization. Acquisitions include buying the enterprise with cash, stocks, or a combination of the two. Acquisitions can also happen when a organization buys the assets of another organization.

    Mergers and Acquisitions Advisors

    1. admin says

      Hi David,
      Thanks for the clarification on the distinction of mergers and acquisitions.

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