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3 Features All Smartwatches Should Have

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Smartwatches are garnering a lot of press today. What features should a smartwatch preferably contain?

Sensory Powers

Thomas Claburn, editor-at-large with InformationWeek, recently explored this issue, writing his own take on what he considers the most important features that smartwatches must have. First, he writes, smartwatches must act as sensors. Which means they should be able to tell us the temperature, tell us where we are at any moment and tell us if our hearts are beating too rapidly.

No Charging Hassles

Smartwatches shouldn’t require cords and wires to recharge, Claburn writes. Preferably, we should automatically charge these devices as we walk or run. And if that isn’t possible, we should at least be able to charge them by placing them on charging plates.


Claburn also says that smartwatches shouldn’t bust our budgets. Smartwatches should retail for about $99. That’s much more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch that retails for a whopping $299.


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