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3 New Search Engines

Neeva, Brave and Inquisim are newest alternatives to Google

I’m always on the hunt for new things to try, and here are 3 search engines that look interesting: Neeva, Brave and Inquisim. This is a short into to each of these, and I’ll go more in-depth in a follow-on posting.

Let’s start with Neeva . It’s big on privacy and doesn’t have any advertisements. So all you get in the search results are actual results. The big downside to Neeva is that it’s not free.

Yep, they want you to pay to use their search engine. Fortunately, it’s a fairly low $4.99 month after the free 4-month trial ends. And since you have to give them all your credit card and other info, it’s not really private since they know who you are, right? But they do say they don’t share or sell any of your personal info or your searches.

Moving on to Brave . This one is free to use, since uses advertisements in the search results. We like the privacy-first aspect – no user tracking unless you want to opt-in to help them improve their search results. Brave has built their own database of the web, so it may be fun and interesting to test them out as an alterative search engine.

brave home page

Wrapping up with Inquisim . The newest release so far, the focus is comparison shopping and prices. These results are ad-free, making it less cluttered. Instead of advertisements, they are relying on affiliate links in some of their results to generate revenue.

Good news is you don’t have to pay to use the site. Better news is Inquisim is fully private – no log-in, no capturing your personal information, and no tracking.

inquisim home page

Like Brave, they are have their own unique database to pull results from. This makes for some interesting searches, but you’ll be able to find what you are looking for. Definitely give it a try, especially with the holiday shopping fast approaching – this site is 100% made for price and comparison shopping.


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