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3 Remote Access Apps For Your iPad

Screen Sharing App From SplashTop
Screen Sharing App From SplashTop

You use your iPad for almost everything: Checking the Internet, reading the news, watching flicks and communicating with family and friends. But if you use your iPad for work, you may be frustrated. As handy as the iPad is, it is still not quite as powerful as a PC or macbook.

That is where remote-access apps may help. Developers have created a series of applications which allow you to access and control your desktop or laptop computers from the iPad. You can access your files, folders and contacts. Some permit you to stream the videos and music you store on your PC on your iPad. Controlling a PC or laptop from your iPad isn’t perfect. The iPad’s screen is large for a tablet, but it’s small for a desktop or laptop. Sometimes things get a bit cramped. But if you require emergency access to your computer, these three apps are able to do the job.

GoToMyPC: Citrix, the organization behind GoToMyPC, is a veteran of the remote-access business. Actually, GoToMyPC is much older than the iPad itself. Consequently GoToMyPC has ironed out the bugs generally associated with remote access. For this reason the service earned a strong review recently from PC Magazine, whose editors praised the service for its ease of use and intuitive controls. As the name suggests, iPad users – with an application – can remotely access their desktop and laptops using this program. They can open Word documents, access Excel spreadsheets and comb through the contact lists stored on their remote computers. The only real negative? The price. This is a fairly pricy service, costing, in general, $9.95 a month or $99 a year. If you are a more informal iPad user who’s not on the road too much, you may prefer one of the lower-priced remote-access apps available.

SplashTop Remote Desktop: SplashTop Remote Desktop qualifies among those lower-priced apps, priced at just $4.99. According to a recent review by CNET, that price is a great deal. CNET’s editors praised SplashTop as easy to use and effective. They also cited its ability to recover movies and music stored on your remote computers. It is a service that many other remote-access apps can’t handle.

LogMeIn Ignition: LogMeIn Ignition is yet another lower-priced alternative to GoToMyPC, though at $30, it’s more pricey than rival SplashTop. This product was also praised by CNET for its being user friendly and effectiveness, but also for two nifty features. First, you can use LogMeIn to remotely wake up a sleeping or shut-down PC. Secondly, you can utilize the app to remotely copy files from a PC to your iPad.


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Image Source: Bing Images

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