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3 Tips To Keep Older iPhones and iPads Running Smoothly

Keeping Older Tech Devices Running
Keeping Older Tech Devices Running

Is your old iPhone or iPad sluggish? Do you notice that it’s just not loading videos, playing games or scanning the Web as quickly as it used to? This isn’t unusual: Devices often slow the older they get. Fortunately, you don’t automatically have to invest in a new iPad or iPhone. Lifehacker writer Whitson Gordon in a recent story provides tips to speed up a sluggish machine.

No More Upgrades

It’s commendable that you want to stay updated on the latest offerings from Apple. But downloading that newest version of iOS might make your iPad or iPhone even slower. To put it simply, the newest operating systems and upgrades are often too burdensome for older devices. Resist the updates until you buy a newer iPhone or iPad.

Avoid Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps can prove problematic for old iPhones and iPads, too, Whitson writes. Apple’s own apps are designed to work best with these devices. You might prefer Chrome to Safari, but stay with Apple’s Web browser if you’re using an old phone or iPad.

Freeing up Storage

Your iPhone or iPad may just have way too many programs stored on it. Gordon recommends uninstalling any apps that you never use. You might also remove music or videos that you no longer access.


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