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300V Power MOSFET Offerings From IR, Fairchild Provide Lowest Rds(on)

300V Power MOSFET
300V MOSFET ( Credit – IR)

Fairchild Semiconductor has long been the market leader for 300V N-Channel MOSFET products, but they are being challenged by new devices from IR (International Rectifier).

These chips are typically used for high efficiency industrial applications such 110-120 VAC line conditioners, 110-120 VAC power supplies, mid-range wattage power supplies, DC to AC inverters, solar panel inverters and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

Fairchild uses an advanced “Planar” technology for their transistor geometry, called “UniFET”. They promote this as having  lower input and output capacitance and best-in-class reverse recovery for a better Figure of Merit (FOM) (where FOM =  Rds(on) * Qg). This similar to their “QFET” process technology.

International Rectifier’s “Hexfet” family of MOSFETs derives it’s name from the hexagonal shape of the transistors used on the silicon die. This geometry allows IR to increase their channel density which provides a lower silicon area for the same power. This translates into a lower cost device as well as improving the Rds(on) characteristics.

The tables below show the RDS(on) (Max) and Qg (Typical) at 10Vgs for comparison.

Fairchild has the following devices in their 300V portfolio:

Part Number Description Qg (Typ) RDS(on) (Max) Package
FDB28N30TM N-Channel UniFETTM MOSFET 300V, 28A, 129mΩ 39nC 0.129Ω TO-263 2L (D2PAK)
FQP9N30 N-Channel QFET® MOSFET 250V, 4.4A, 1Ω 17nC 0.450Ω TO-220 3L
FQA44N30 N-Channel QFET® MOSFET 300V, 43.5A, 69mΩ 120nC 0.069Ω TO-3P 3L
FQPF22N30 N-Channel QFET® MOSFET 300V, 12A, 160mΩ 47nC 0.160Ω TO-220F 3L
FDB38N30U N-Channel MOSFET, U-FRFET 56nC 0.120Ω TO-263 2L (D2PAK)
FDA38N30 N-Channel UniFETTM MOSFET 300V, 38A, 85mΩ 53nC 0.085Ω TO-3P 3L
FQP22N30 300V N-Channel QFET® 0.160Ω TO-220 3L
FQP3N30 300V N-Channel QFET® 2.2Ω TO-220 3L
FDA59N30 N-Channel UniFETTM MOSFET 300V, 59A, 56mΩ 77nC 0.056Ω TO-3P 3L
FQP14N30 300V N-Channel QFET® 0.290Ω TO-220 3L
FQD7N30 300V N-Channel QFET® 0.700Ω TO-252 3L (DPAK)
FDB14N30 N-Channel UniFETTM MOSFET 300V, 14A, 290mΩ 18nC 0.290Ω TO-263 2L (D2PAK)
FDPF14N30 N-Channel UniFETTM MOSFET 300V, 14A, 290mΩ 18nC 0.290Ω TO-220F 3L

IR has released three devices which are available to purchase at this time.

Pricing for the IRFP4137PBF starts at $1.64 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

Part Number Description Qg (Typ) RDS(on) (Max) Package
IRFB4137PBF 300V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET, 38A 83nC 0.069Ω TO-220
IRFP4137PBF 300V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET, 38A 83nC 0.069Ω TO-247
IRFP4868PBF 300V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET, 70A 180nC 0.032Ω TO-247

300V MOSFETs from IR and Fairchild are industrial grade qualified with moisture sensitivity level 1 (MSL1). Packaging is lead free and are RoHS compliant.

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