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3D Printing In The Cloud From Leopoly

3D Printing With Apps and the Cloud
3D Printing With Apps and the Cloud

Leopoly, a fast growing software developer company today announced that it plans on expanding its business through new partnerships and business services along with new features for 3D modeling of custom designs. Leopoly launches new cloud based 3D app store providing 3D printable and customizable products with easy to use design tools and 20 new applications. The apps are available for individuals and companies alike who can use the applications as white label services without the need of investing into the technology.  According to the company, new features will make the task of personalizing of 3D models easy to everyday people and more accessible to business clients.

As a first milestone, Leopoly has developed the first mass customization solution for the retail industry for Lowe’s subsidiary company, Orchard. The software service launched earlier this year enables Orchard customers to personalize their own unique interior decoration before buying the 3D printed home ware products. Leopoly has also partnered with zSpace, a leading-edge education technology provider that enables real world virtual reality in the classroom. Thanks to the joint platform, STEAM students and teachers can now receive entry-level training courses, sample lessons and guides to learn how to customize and prepare digital objects for 3D printing.

Roland Manyai, CEO of Leopoly added: “In the near future Leopoly is excited to team up with Fortune 100 companies, top museums, and started other exciting projects such as “Hello World”, a 3D printing training program for kids, and MyMiniFactory’s “Scan the World” initiation.

In addition to previously available sculpting and coloring tools, users now can take advantage of object mixing, 3D text writing, parametric design, randomized modifications, image pasting, engraving, embossing patterns, words, images, and improved user interface. Leopoly is launching new customization apps and features every month enabling users to choose from different themed apps and even apply them to businesses.

“The exponentially growing 3D printing industry transforms the way we think of object creation, personalization and manufacturing. When we look around in the 3D printing industry, only a few market players are ready to provide good Business To Business (B2B) and Business To Customer (B2C) services for 3D customization solutions and Leopoly is proud that we are one of them” said Roland Manyai.

To connect with interested people and potential clients, the company will be participating at the 3D Printshow, California as an exhibitor where people will get an opportunity to meet the CEO of Leopoly and get insights to the different products and their services.

Try the dedicated customizer and get a free print here .

Founded in 2014 as a spin-off company, Leopoly is an online, easy to use 3D modeling and customization platform, offering white label solutions for Business To Business (B2B) clients that bridges the gap between the ongoing 3D revolution and everyday people. The company is working hard to acquire significant share in the market of 3D design by partnering with established brands in the industry including integration with minime companies, marketplaces or 3D printer and service companies such as Sculpteo, iMaterialize, 3D Hubs, 3DprinterOS, Thingiverse, Sketchfab, Astroprint, FreeDee, Deezmaker, Imagine3D, Iceman 3D and others, and has become one of the first Makerbot ready apps.


Trouble viewing the Youtube video from the link above? You can catch it below without leaving this site / page:

3D STEAM Platform by Leopoly and zSpace [1:02 minutes]

You can also learn more about Leopoly in the following video

Introducing Leopoly Software Service [2:52 minutes]

For more information, please contact:
Roland Manyai and Daniel Andrassy at

Image Source: Leopoly

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