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3DCAMP Houston 2013 For Latest in 3D Technology

3DCAMP Houston 2013
3DCAMP Houston 2013

3DCAMP Houston is a one day annual conference that showcases innovative 3D technologies across a myriad of artistic and scientific disciplines with presentations and interactive sessions.

From holographic paintings that tantalize the viewer to 3D printers that produce completely formed sculptures, there is something amazing for everyone to experience.

3DCAMP Houston 2013 is being held this year on Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The event is hosted by the University of Houston, Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture.

Registration for both Professional VIP ($30) and Student ($15) attendees in available through Eventbright for 3DCAMP Houston 2013. The Professional ticket includes a VIP happy hour on Thursday, October 3rd for networking with other 3D professionals as well as the speakers and organizers.

3DCAMP supports education in 3D technology as it pertains to many different disciplines including gaming, fine art, graphic arts, architecture, technology, math, the sciences, engineering, and much more.

  • A day of information and seminars on the newest in 3D technology.
  • Amazing works of art using today’s cutting edge technology.
  • Learn about architecture, engineering, gaming, and more at conference seminars.
  • Meet interesting people in the industry and areas that fascinate you.
  • Visit with 3D vendors to talk about their products.

The primary goal of 3DCAMP Houston is to encourage and educate individuals about the use of 3D in various disciplines, and we strongly support the STEAM educational framework, which encourages the blending and education of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

The demographics of the attendees of 3DCAMP Houston 2013 will be professionals and students interested in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math as it applies to 3D technology. Industries include Oil & Gas, Architecture, Fine Art, Film & Television, Medicine, Gaming, Fashion, Illustration, and Industrial Design.

Not to be missed at 3DCAMP is the art show, featuring original works from visual artists incorporating 3D technology in their pieces.

The goal of “The Third Dimension” is aimed at showcasing original artwork using innovative 3D technologies that the average spectator is unlikely to experience.

This exhibition is an opportunity to creatively stimulate the imagination of viewers with three-dimensional artwork in all mediums.

The work submitted will coincide with the 3DCAMP Houston Symposium hosted by The University of Houston College of Architecture and the School of Art.

For more information, please visit the 3DCAMP website or email the organizers at . The 3DCAMP blog page is the best place to keep up with the latest news, event updates and speaker information.

(Image Credit –3DCAMP )

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