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4 Great Ways to Utilize Screen Capture Technology

movavi screen capture software
Movavi Screen Capture Software

Just like taking screenshots, screen capture technology is quickly catching on – with more and more people using it every day. In no small part that is because of the fact that screen capture actually has a lot more applications than you may realize – and four of the best ways to utilize it include:

1. Creating video guides or tutorials

When most people think of screen capture they tend to associate it with creating video guides or tutorials – and for good reason. The use of screen capture to create guides is fairly common because of the simple fact that it is an excellent way to ‘show’ people how to perform an action on a computer.

2. Saving online video streams

Considering how popular online video streams are nowadays, it should come as no surprise that saving them is part of what makes screen capture so enticing. Most online video streams don’t provide an easy way to download their videos, and screen capture is able to get around that by recording it directly from your screen so that it can be saved afterwards.

3. Recording Skype calls

Unlike emails, IM software, and other types of communication – Skype calls don’t have a history that can be referred to. As such many people have started to use screen capture to record their Skype calls – particularly when it involves important communications for work purposes.

4. Submitting bug reports

Although not the most popular use of screen capture, submitting bug reports that include a video showing exactly what went wrong can be useful in some situations. In fact it can even help tech support to identify what went wrong – which could help you to solve whatever problem you’re facing that much faster.

Considering there are so many great ways to utilize screen capture technology, the big question is: Do you really want to miss out? Contrary to what you may think, screen capture can honestly be fairly easy to use – particularly if you’re using Movavi Screen Capture.

By opting to use Movavi Screen Capture, you’ll be able to obtain all the benefits of having screen recording software – without having to deal with any hassle. It will give you complete control over the video that you record and let you set the capture frame, audio source, and frame rate. If you want you can also configure the software to record keyboard and mouse actions.

Long story short, Movavi Screen Capture has all the essentials to help you record exactly the footage that you need. Whether that consists of a Skype call, online video stream, bug report or even the footage for a video tutorial – that part is entirely up to you.

You can buy a personal version of the software through Amazon (most recent version is – Movavi Video Editor 15 [PC Download]  or [MAC Download] ) starting under $40;

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With Movavi, nothing is stopping you from getting started!

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