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4 Helpful Tips to Find the Best Log Management Tool

Virtually everyone uses search and log files to understand exceptions, crashes and errors in their application. While some use a more direct approach by sifting through all the plain text log files, others use log management tools in order to help them locate the issue in the “log-haystack.”

The fact is, there are quite a few benefits offered by Papertrail integration, or the use of another log management tool; however, the first step is to find the right one for your needs. Some tips to help you with this task can be found here.


What is Log Management Software? 

Before diving into the benefits offered by log management software, it’s wise to learn more about what it is. This software is designed to help you identify issues and find solutions to ensure continuous services are provided, and to help avoid costly downtime.

After all, when Amazon went offline for 30 minutes in 2013 it cost the company approximately $66,24 per minute. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is – downtime is expensive. As a result, being able to find and fix issues quickly is a must. This is just another reason that log management software is so important.

  1. Find Tools that are Easy to Use

When you hear the words “log management,” you may think this is something that only developers and tech geeks would understand – but that’s not the case. When you have the right software, even someone with little to no knowledge will be able to understand and monitor what’s going on.

It’s important you find a log management software that is beginner friendly, that features a modern dashboard and that visually summarizes all of the data related to your processes.

  1. Figure Out What Data You want to Collect

Another important consideration when choosing log management software is what type of data you want to track and collect. While most log software functions identically, you need to find a solution that is able to support all of the features and functions of your processes.

Additionally, if you have a team made up of more than a few developers, then you need to find a log software that supports team integrations and collaboration with third-party apps.

  1. Solutions Offering Quality Troubleshooting

While all the log software tools out there provide methods to track down issues with software and help users in finding anomalies and issues in data, there are some log software programs that do this faster and better than others.

By finding a tool that offers easy to use troubleshooting abilities, you will find it more useful. In the long run, this will help you save time and money.


  1. Cloud Logging or Self-Hosted?

Another crucial element when choosing log management software is to decide if you want to self-host or if you want to use a cloud-hosted version.

With cloud logging software, you can get rid of quite a few headaches related to self-hosting options. However, choosing self-hosting options will reduce management costs and give you more control.

When it is time to choose a log management tool, considering the factors here will help ensure you get the one that’s best for your needs and company.

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