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5 Plugins that Make Building Amazing WordPress Websites Easy

There is a literal ocean of addons, plugins, and themes for WordPress these days that it can be a bit of a challenge to find where to start. As your develop your way around the learning curve of WordPress, you start to find that not all plugins are created equal, even if they do the same thing.

To help young developers apex the curve as fast as possible, we put together 5 plugins that make development easy on WordPress.


GeneratePress is a good old free theme, and one amazing plugin when you upgrade to the premium version. When you upgrade to the premium version, you unlock amazing access to templated websites and unlimited installs of your plugin.

When you start to realize you can get themes directly wired into your WP from GeneratePress, you start to realize every site you build will look flawless. Then you also sit back and realize updating your them is as easy as picking a new look and leaving your content, and you really start to realize the value of GeneratePress. It works with just about every WordPress page builder you can think of, and it only cost $40 to get unlimited activations.


When it comes to finding the best WordPress web builders, look no further than Elementor. This amazing all in one page builder lets you build standalone themes, and it plays nice with most themes.

Elementor turns your page construction into a drag-and-drop process, and makes it simple to make your site in no time. You can even create templates that you can export, meaning you can save your best designs to be used again later.

This page builder is praised around the WordPress world for its simplicity and robust library of possibilities. Did we mention that GeneratePress makes free Elementor Templates for your site?

WP Forms

WP Forms is one of the easiest ways to make all the forms you need in one application. Submissions, click forms, and surveys are quick to set up and easy to deploy with WP Forms.

If you aren’t using the contact forms in your builder, this is the form creator to use hands down. Ninja Forms is a close second, but it can’t quite do as much as WP Forms can.


Site backups are extremely important to have on hand. You want to make sure you can always revert back to a working copy of your site should an update cause the unthinkable to your site. If you site is down, having a backup ready is the best to help your development team get it back up and running.

If your hosting provider isn’t giving you free backups on your site, you can do them manually with BackWPup. This plugin makes backups of your sit that you can download. After it completes the process, it will email the person you determine with a link to download the site. Should everything end up broken, you can refresh your WP by using one of these backups.

One last note, be careful with running to many site backups as they stack up quickly. This could leave your site as slow as a snail, and potentially anger your hosting provider and your wallet when you pay those fees.


Selling products or simply showing them off? It’s easy with WooCommerce. WooCommerce becomes part of your website, and it’s accessible through the wp-admin dashboard. Adding products to the platform is just like adding a post to your site. Just click on the products tab on your dashboard, add a new product, and you’re set.

Setting up an eCommerce page makes it easy to assign your shop to that page and display your products to the world. WooCommerce is awesome because it’s free. It has tons of useful addons you can buy, but you can also find custom WooCommerce products all of the internet with a few Google searches.


In the sea of WordPress plugins, these 5 plugins are great places to start. Whether you use the free versions or the paid versions, you are sure to cut down your development time, and easy the headache of building a development mindset.

Though these plugins might not solve every problem you run into, it’s a great place to start, as many of these plugins are the solutions you have been looking for. Need it pretty? Elementor and GeneratePress. Need people to contact you? WP Forms. Want to sell your ideas to the world? WooCommerce.

If you run into an issue you can’t seem to solve, search for plugins to answer the questions. If you find more than one solution to the problem, take some time to compare the two plugins side-by-side. If you still can’t tell, try one at a time, and pick the better one.

What are you favorite WordPress plugins? What plugins have saved you in a pinch or made your development easier? What did you think of our list? Share your favorite plugins with us in the comments below.

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