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5 Reasons Server Monitoring Software is So Vital

Today’s organization is deeply dependent on information technology and the Internet. It’s how businesses capture, manipulate and store customer, transaction, employee, vendor, and general business data.

Yet, the modern enterprise’s technology infrastructure is often a complex blend of servers, computers, smartphones, network routers, operating systems and business applications. Tracking down problems in order to keep this sophisticated setup functioning smoothly can, therefore, be difficult.

In particular, servers, as the nerve center of it all, must run efficiently. Monitoring servers manually is, however, impractical given the thousands (in some cases, millions) of system events they handle per day. Automating this process through Server Monitoring software is therefore vital. Here is a closer look at the reasons server monitoring software is important.

1.  Improved Productivity

The average IT department grapples with a wide range of routine tasks, ad hoc requests and hardware/software problems on any given day. Many organizations run a lean tech team so human resources are stretched to their limit. In this context, manual server monitoring would be time-consuming and impractical.

Server monitoring software allows the IT team to focus on other tasks thus bolstering the department’s overall productivity. The automated tools can pick up suspicious behavior and keep an eye on problematic trends. Alerts are sent out to system administrators to resolve any issues identified.

2.  Prevents Small Problems from Worsening

No system can ever be 100 percent problem free. However, how quickly you can identify and resolve problems is critical in ensuring the system has acceptable uptime. Leaving a seemingly small issue unattended often produces a domino effect that ends up affecting a large section of the company’s network.

System monitoring software will usually detect issues at their infancy so it will give administrators the opportunity to fix it early. Remember that when the problem is still small, you need far less time and resources to resolve it.

3.  Enhanced Security

Server monitoring is primarily about keeping tabs on performance and security. If you focus on the performance aspect only though, all your good work may be unraveled by a single security breach.

Monitoring security means making sure security patches are installed as soon as they become available. It’s about checking that firewall configuration, server security and network architecture are all designed to keep unwanted persons and malware out. By proactively preventing security incidents, server monitoring minimizes system downtime, protects the company’s reputation, and keeps customers and users happy.

4.  Alerts on Impending Hardware Upgrade

Enterprise hardware is expensive and takes up a substantial proportion of technology department budgets each year. As such a major expense, planning is essential. You have to ensure the purchase is not too early resulting in excessive capacity going to waste. It should not be too late either as that may lead to a severe deterioration in system performance and user experience.

Server monitoring software sends out alerts as disk space, processors, RAM, bandwidth and other system resources approach their capacity. With such advance warning, you have adequate time to plan out the requisite hardware upgrades.

5.  Assign Specialists Fast

The IT team in large organizations comprises a wide range of technical skills including server administrators, database administrators, network administrators, application specialists, security experts and more. Often, when a tech problem arises, plenty of time is wasted on troubleshooting and identifying the root cause of a problem.

For example, what may on the face of it appear like a database issue may, in fact, be caused by insufficient and constrained hardware resources. So instead of a database administrator spending hours trying to fix the database, a server administrator can resolve the issue in minutes.

Server monitoring software gives precision to the troubleshooting process by identifying exactly where the problem lies.

Whether you are a micro business with a single server or a multinational corporation with hundreds of servers, server monitoring software makes it easier to manage your technology infrastructure and ensure it’s an asset to the business as it was designed to be.

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