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5 Solid reasons why you should sign-up for a VPN service today

Considering the number of benefits that VPN services deliver to users while they’re browsing the Internet, it’s shocking why a large number of people still don’t use them actively. For instance, if you stay outside of the United States, you can use a VPN for Netflix USA and access so many movies that may not be otherwise available to you. 

If you’re someone who has been wanting to sign-up with a good VPN provider for some time, but hasn’t made up his/her mind as yet, let’s provide you with 5 solid reasons that you should finally take the plunge!

Geolocation spoofing

As explained by Anonymster in the full review that you can read here, a large number of people use VPN services for spoofing their geographical locations. What it means is that using a VPN service allows them to appear as if they stay in a different country and use a different IP address (of that country). A major reason for doing this is to access content that’s restricted to the residents of a particular geographical location only, for instance, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and the US Netflix library. People also use VPNs to access websites of their home countries, when they’re abroad on a business trip, academic program or a holiday.

Protection from hacking attempts

Many people prefer connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots in public environments for their internet needs. You can see them instantly connecting to these networks whenever they’re in restaurants, airports, coffee shops etc. They don’t realise that such public networks can be extremely dangerous and expose their systems to hacking attempts. Cyber criminals are experts at setting up fake Wi-Fi hotspots, for example, one that may be named ‘Free Starbucks Wi-Fi;’ they can then use such networks to access the computers/devices of people connected to them. Therefore, you must always use a VPN whenever you use any public Wi-Fi service. It can guard you from all potential cyber threats. 

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Evading censorship

An efficient VPN service can enable you to bypass any internet censorship or ban. And it’s not just government censorship you can evade, you can also bypass restrictions placed by workplaces and schools. For instance, if your school or workplace disallows usage of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc., you can access all these websites easily through a VPN service.


All top-notch VPN services come equipped with solid encryption protocols that give you a high degree of security and privacy while you are browsing the internet. You should ideally opt for a VPN service that provides 256-bit AES encryption and OpenVPN. Doing so would help you hide your internet activities not just from your ISP, but also from any potential data-collecting government agencies. 


Safe Torrenting

Regardless of what you refer to it as – file sharing, P2P, downloads, torrenting etc., it’s a fact that downloading content from torrent portals is riskier than ever. Copyright holders are constantly scrutinising all such downloads, and don’t hold back when it comes to taking legal action against offenders. A good quality VPN service can help you use such torrent websites safely.

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