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6 Tips For Promoting Your App Prior To Launch

Promoting A Mobile App
Promoting A Mobile App

Once you are determined to build a new mobile product for the market, there is no retreat, unless you call off the development. But you are determined not to do that, aren’t you?

The needed exposure for your app can be provided well before its release. Seize the chance of making people aware of your app beforehand. The list of tips below will be helpful to you.

#1. Go Social!

Creating dedicated pages on social networks is an obvious thing, if you’ve already come up with the name for your app. But you can go further by participating in dedicated blogs, forums, communities, and other resources, spreading the news about the upcoming app unintrusively. Moreover, you can find ideas as for the features that users miss in similar apps. Maybe you’ll be the one to offer them that crucially important little thing in your app?

#2. Splash It!

Get a splash page on the web beforehand, with a countdown to launch. After your app is rolled out, it will direct user traffic to your app on the stores. A good splash page attracts people visually with screenshots and catchy design that follows the design of your app/brand. The page also contains concise and informative info about your app and its capabilities, the value that it gives. This page may require growing into a full-fledge website for the app, but initially it’s just one page that grabs users’ attention.

You may also get a newsletter signup on the page. Make it more personal and warm up your future users.

#3. Tease Users!

If you know the value the users are looking for, and your app is going to give it, try to tease the audience. You don’t have to have the app released in order to make a good teaser flick. You may accentuate that the app is under development – and soon the target audience will get what they want. Raise interest and emotions.

Oh yes, it’s also effective to run a good blog; if you do run one, another benefit for you. If you don’t, you may look for other known bloggers. Don’t be afraid to share content, just make sure it isn’t monotonous. If you are deep into the subject matter, share educational and share-worthy posts with people.

#4. Offer Goodies!

You’ll let people know about the launch date. Perhaps you would start with a lower price or free in-app purchases on the day of release. Those who are interested may seize the chance of getting such goodies free of charge or cheaper. You may even arrange a contest for them and start getting likes and shares. Use Facebook Giveaways. All this makes up quite an incentive to remember about your app and keep track of the launch date.

A little bonus: all the goodies and announcements can be heralded through press releases. All things coming soon can be spread through well-known and specialized resourced. Good things are paid but that’s what marketing is about.

#5. Beta Test!

The dedicated page may include an invitation to sign up for beta testing. Needless to say that beta testing is crucial not only for improving the app – people can as well spread the word about it, being those who are able to use it before the official rollout. In fact, the more right people you involve – the more you’ll benefit in terms of marketing. You may find influencers who could be interested in trying out your application for free and sharing their opinions in public.

#6. Be Recognized!

Consistent design across the app, the website, social network pages etc. is recognizable for any brand. The ‘don’t judge the book by its cover’ rule doesn’t apply here. People will do that. But you can easily make it attractive long before your app hits the shelves.

There’s a lot of work to do aside from keeping the development process under control. Just find the right team and coordinate your efforts. Therefore you’ll get target users prepared to embrace your mobile app when you finally deploy it on application stores. By the way, did you know that Sunday is deemed the best day for releasing your app? However, Saturday will also do well as a runner-up.

Article Source: EzineArticles by Author Oleg Lola.


(Image Credit – Bing Images )

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