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7 Best Features of Mobile Calling Apps

Mobile Calling Apps
Mobile Calling Apps

Smartphones and tablets have become indispensable parts of our lives. These devices use mobile apps to serve multiple purposes. Now mobile applications can be used to make free voice calls.

These free calling apps are available on Android and iOS platforms.  In this article, we will discuss the best features of free voice call apps.

1. Free Voice Calls

This one is a no brainer. These free calling applications allow users to make free voice calls. This feature is beneficial for businesses. Many small businesses already use such facilities. Most importantly, users can make free calls to any place on the planet. So, companies can contact with their clients for free. In the similar way, other users can stay in touch with their loved ones.

2. Support for 2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi

These applications support 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. So, making those important calls is easier than ever. Many countries now have robust infrastructure in place. Even developing nations are investing heavily in internet infrastructure. So, voice calling applications are set for immense growth around the world.

3. Global Phone Directory

Many applications also offer the facility of global phone directory.  Such directories are highly beneficial for businesses. They can easily browse through the profiles of registered users. It should be noted that registration process is optional. So, people can choose to stay anonymous. This feature has fueled the popularity of such applications.  As we stated above, it is very helpful for businesses.

4. Other Important Features

These apps also offer many other exciting features. Some popular features are calls record, caller history, global phone directory, speed dialing, voice mail, etc. These features increase the appeal of these applications.

5. Synchronization With the Contact List

This one is really important. There is no need to make a fresh contact list. Most apps in this category can automatically synchronize with the existing contacts list. You can also choose to add your favorites. Isn’t it great!

6. Great Calling Experience!

Free voice calling apps offer superior calling experience.  Their services are truly exceptional. It should be note that businesses cannot rely on poor calling services. So, these mobile applications strive to offer best calling experience to users. Most importantly, these services are available for free.

7. Free Roaming

Many of these apps also offer free international roaming facility. They are beneficial for businesses. It can save a lot of cash for businesses. Other users can also benefit from this facility.

So, it is clear that free calling apps are helpful for everyone. You should also consider them. There are many options. Choose an app that suits your needs.

Article Source: Best Features of Mobile Calling Apps

Author: Raymond Kwan is an expert on mobile technology. He writes about smartphones, mobile applications, tablets, etc.

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