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7 Things To Keep In Mind About Server Virtualization

VMWare VSA Diagram
VMWare VSA Diagram

Virtual servers are first and foremost used for the reason of server consolidation, which is running two or more virtual machines on a single physical system. Virtualization is an effectual method to save cash on hardware, safeguarding, administration and management.

Before you decide to jump into server virtualization, it is necessary to take into consideration the following seven significant facts and issues.

All virtual servers are not similar
It must be kept in mind that the entirety of virtual servers do not have the same, or in many cases  similar, performance and ability. So, before choosing the software, it is desirable to conduct in-depth proportional analysis. The analysis will assist you to discover a virtual server accurately according to your unique requirements. For example, if you’re going to install 2 to 4 virtual machines, then a free or low-cost software application like Microsoft Virtual PC would be sufficient. On the other hand, if you plan to merge several severs, and at the same time, you require highest level of safety and scalability, then you must opt for robust virtual severs as ESX Servers of VMWare.

Inspect the software licensing necessities
Major players of software vendors won’t think about a virtual machine to be unlike from a typical physical system. For this cause, software licenses turn out to be essential for each and every operating system and application that you run on your host computer or virtual machines. There are a few software vendors who make it illegal for the use of their software application in a virtual atmosphere, unless a specific license (almost always for additional fees) is used. Therefore, before using the application, read the license terms and conditions cautiously.

Make sure that the applications run fine in virtual environment
Lots of applications won’t run appropriately in the virtual environment. Few may not give the best performance, while others may not make use of the power of available resources entirely. To get the utmost benefits of server virtualization, you must make sure that the applications run properly in the virtual environment.

Aim to imagine beyond Windows
In addition to virtual servers from Windows, you can make use of other equally powerful virtualization applications. For instance, Virtuozzo is an outstanding virtualization application for both Linux and Windows operating system. Xen and Open VZ are few other good options.

Capability setting up is significant
The whole set of benefits of virtualization can just be achieved when the hardware capabilities go rightly with the server necessities. In order to attain this objective, having an intensive capability plan becomes vital. For the virtual servers to offer optimum performance, you need to have available sufficient RAM, suitable physical and virtual hard disks, excellent network adaptors and enough CPUs. In order to have  perfect backup or six sigma uptime percentages, you would also have to have an option for redundant hardware.

Safety and disaster recovery issues
As a rule, server virtualization improves the overall safety of the system. From the users point of view, it is pretty easier to make the whole system safe and secure due to the consolidation of servers. With respect to the attackers, it is very hard to intrude into this environment because of the highly differentiated set of resources. Server virtualization also builds in disaster recovery very easily. In the case of hardware failure, virtual machines can also be restored on various virtual setups or on the same physical system. As compared to typical systems, the downtime is minimized, so the accessibility and productivity is automatically boosted.

Guidance and administration
Maintenance of virtual servers is not a simple proposal. Only well skilled and qualified professionals can effectively manage the systems accurately. It’s recommended that user provide staff with appropriate training and / or hire skilled professionals for the maintenance of the virtual server.

Source: GoArticles by Author James Peterson, who works as Senior Tech in ACTSupport, a Technical support company for webhosts, data centers and ISPs. He is a Computer Engineer and has over 10 years of experience in the Hosting industry.


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