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7 Tips To Build Engaging Mobile Apps

Checklist For App Success
Checklist For App Success

Although there are millions of apps in the app store and the number increases day-by-day, only few get noticed and reach the public effectively. There may be many reasons which affect the success of an app: graphic design, User Interface (UI), layout, service, functions and much more.

It is more important to build an app that has all the elements that are expected by the public / consumer rather than what you would like to include in the app. At the same time, the app should be able to satisfy its basic business need and functionalities.

There are no hard and fast rules that define what should be included or excluded while developing a mobile app, yet there are few basic tips that can be helpful to build engaging, successful mobile apps. Seven of the most useful tips are listed below:

Tip 1: Determine the mobile platform
The first and foremost option to be considered is choosing the right mobile platform. The apps performance depends on the platform. The app developed for iPhone will not be compatible for Android. In few exceptional cases, the cross platform mobile apps will suit all platform. You can opt for a quick analysis of existing apps to get a better understanding of which apps are most popular on which platforms. If low-cost development is your target, then an open source platform like Android could be a better choice; Alternatively, iPhone software development kits (SDK) help to create industry-standard apps. At the same time, there should be no compromise on app quality and features.

Tip 2: Develop for targeted audience
The end user plays the vital role for deciding about the app functionalities and appearance. It is essential to determine if the app will be catering to the needs of individual person or business communities. Will this app be a commercial product or for entertainment use? The layout, design of the app, technology, etc. depends upon the end user requirements. It is highly essential to think from the end user’s point of view.

Tip 3: Aim for branding
The success rate of the app depends upon the end-user mind state. Sometimes it may not be too exciting or interesting developing for an app which provides corporate information, data, product information, etc.; However, if the information is essential to the brand or marketing, crafting the app in an engaging way can succeed in building brand name and loyalty. If you are developing for your own app sales, creating a brand which identifies your particular style or emphasis can be crucial for future apps. For example, can you employ high contrast colors or a retro 8-bit graphics on the first splash page? Do you have a story-line or back-story to read before launching?  Oftentimes, apps with less information may appear to be less impressive to catch and hold the attention of the end user. Adhering to standard design, theme, and UI can be adapted to branding your apps.

Tip 4: Element of entertainment
Games apps naturally entertain and keep the attention of the user. Generally, the app can be designed colorfully to make the end user get engaged. The app should be enjoyable such that it maintains the players attention. The sounds can also play a great role in describing your app and presenting its features properly to the user.

Tip 5: Influence of social networks
People may show more interest in apps that have good integration with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc., which are more influential. It allows the app users to have interactions with other users and even get opinions. This can make the app to more engaging. With newer apps, nearly all are delivered with some type of social network interaction.

Tip 6: Reduce dependency of cost
Cost is one of the critical factor to be considered for building apps, but it should not limit the creativity of your app. Many of the common mistakes that app developers make have to do with minimizing the apps functionalities to fit in their development budget; This often leads to creating a disabled app! It is true that your development cost (including marketing) should be weighed against expected revenues, such that developers are able to bring in good return-on-investment (ROI); Success of the app ultimately depends on the apps performance.

Tip 7: Timely launch
Launching the app within an acceptable time frame is just as important as building a great app. For example, if your app is based on a Christmas theme then there is no use in releasing the app on January!

The above discussed tips are the most fundamental issues that should be considered while building mobile apps to make them successfully reach the end user. If you have any tricks and tips, kindly leave your comments below which may be useful for other readers.

Source: GoArticles by Author Venkatesan Rajagopal who writes about Android development company and iPhone development company. He works as Marketing Head with one of the mobile app development companies. You can contact him for hiring mobile app developers.


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