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9 Common Technical Issues to Send to IT Support

IT services exist to help businesses maintain hardware and fix tech problems as they occur. Find out nine common technical issues to send to IT support here.

85% of the tech jobs that will exist in the year 2030 haven’t been invented yet. These patterns show the current and future impact of information technology in the transformation of the business context. However, as businesses embrace the age of technology, exposure to various technical issues will continue to be an inevitable aspect.

Businesses can never function in the modern age of machine economy without sufficient information technology infrastructures.  The normal operations of a company are overly dependent on computerization to the extent of dependence on systems and structures. But every so often, your business is bound to experience major technical hitches that may bring your operations to a standstill.

Luckily, IT helpdesk services exist to help businesses maintain hardware and fix tech problems as they occur. Find out 9 common technical issues to send to IT support here.

1 – Can’t Log In

This is the most common IT issue that often sends most users on their tenterhooks. But in most cases, this concern can be fixed in a jiffy. Your IT support team can figure out the possible causes of this hitch through the elimination method.

Your first undoing may be trying to log in with caps lock on. This is common, depending on how your password has been set. You may need to consider turning off the caps lock then try log-in again.

If this isn’t the case, then your account’s password may have expired. This may be due to routine security upgrade processes. Changing passwords is a conventional safety approach that seeks to help keep the systems secure.

The other likely reason may be that you have been locked out due to too many unsuccessful log-in attempts. Most systems reject such recurrent attempts to log-in as a security measure.

In all these instances, your IT support team should be able to help you deal with the issue within a short time.

2 – Dealing With the Dreaded Blue Screen of Death 

You probably will assume that your PC is dead as soon as that dreaded blue screen appears.

But, often, most users do not take time to even read the display message on the screen when this happens. While this issue is related to hardware issues or malfunctions in the software, it is not beyond repair.

The issue may also be a result of a recent installation of a new device or hardware. You may also have updated some drivers hence causing some technical problems. However, this does not spell doom. Your IT support helpdesk will be on hand to help you deal with this technical hitch.

In most cases, the IT team will only conduct a simple rebooting process to reinstall your PC to normal operations. If you are looking for all-inclusive managed IT services, you can get such details online for the most reliable technical help and support for all your IT issues.

3 – My Computer Is Operating Too Slowly  

You have certainly worked on an annoyingly slow computer system at some point. Well, most people do not realize this until that instance where you must open multiple tabs. Slow networks are among the common computer problems that may require IT support interventions.

If you are downloading larger files or operating on multiple windows, this problem may be recurrent and stubborn. Your IT support team can be able to deal with this technical issue by reviewing your computer’s recent activity.

The IT help desk will often advise you that the tech problem is due to system multitasking or overloading. However, if you are not undertaking multiple operations at the same time, then there may be a need for additional technical assessment.

4 – Accidentally Deleted Important Files Is Among Common Technical Issues

This is perhaps among the most prevalent IT problem that ends up on the help desk. The first realistic option would be to check the recycle bin. This will help you confirm if the file may have been permanently deleted.

However, in most cases, a sound IT support infrastructure system will ensure that all your data is backed up. This ensures that data is saved in real-time to ensure recovery in case of deletion. Once you contact your IT support team, you’ll be able to recover such files in no time.

5 – The Computer Just Shut Down Out Of the Blue

Some technical problems can throw you off-balance and cause panic. One of these scenarios relates to instances where the computer shuts off unexpectedly. Most times, this may be a result of overheating.

You may also need to check the computer for the possible accumulation of dust. Ensure that the machine is in a well-ventilated place. But if the issue persists, calling in the IT support for expert advice would be helpful because this could be a virus –related issue.

6 – I Can’t Connect to the Internet

This common technical issue may cause a total disconnection to the internet. But even in cases where the internet connects, it may be too slow to sustain a stable session. This may often be a systemic issue.

In other cases, your computer may have picked up malware from your recent online activities. You may need to be honest with your IT departments about sites visited in recent times. This would be imperative in dealing with any malware threats.

7 – My USB Device Is Not Recognizable On My Computer

Incompatibility, when dealing with USB sticks and accessories, is among the common IT problems. You may need to transfer vital information urgently, only to keep getting that annoying response. Well, this may be resolved in different ways.

You may decide to test the USB device on other ports on the computer. You then need to try different devices on your computer to verify compatibility. Finally, you may also test the specific device on other computer machines.

If the technical issues persist beyond this point, then you need to contact the IT support team for advice on the matter.

8 – I Have Problems Printing 

You must have faced this tech problem more than once in your business-related operations. Often, this issue may be resolved through a DIY solution.  You need to ensure that the printer is turned on and correctly connected to the computer. If this is not the issue, you need to also confirm there are papers and ink before starting the printing process.

If both solutions do not work, then it’s time to seek help from the IT help-desk.

9 – My Wi-Fi Signal Keeps Buffer 

You may be experiencing recurrent Wi-Fi signal drops in your attempt to go online. In most cases, this may not be a user problem. It could be stemming from the router, or there may be an issue with a software upgrade.

Involving the IT department ensures a speedy re-connection to the network system. The IT team may need to reset the modem or unplug the connections to test for any faults on the system.

You Don’t Need to Shoulder the Frustrations If You Can Consult The Help Desk

Technical issues when handling computers can be demoralizing. While you can try various DIY options in some cases, you may need the interventions of IT specialists in most others. With these nine common technical issues, you can quickly seek help from the IT help desk and avoid grinding your business operations to a halt.

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