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A Closer Look At The Viability Of Battery Regeneration

Smart Battery Charger
Smart Battery Charger

Over the past several years the term battery regeneration has become widely recognized.

While most people still don’t fully understand what battery regeneration is or how it works, they realize there is an alternative to simply replacing dead batteries with new ones.

The big question most people have is whether or not battery regeneration actually works and whether or not it is efficient and effective enough to be considered a viable option to battery replacement.

The first issue to address is why vehicle batteries fail in the first place. Poorly maintained vehicle inevitably fall victim to early failure because lead sulfate crystals slowly enlarge and build up within the core. At a certain point in time, they have grown so large that they create a physical barrier across the surface of the battery plate. Once the surface becomes too thick the battery can no longer accept or release energy. In the past, this is the point where the battery would be considered dead.

The second issue to address is how regeneration actually recovers or restores battery life. Since the creation of sulfuric lead is the primary driving force behind the electro-chemical action that takes place when a battery discharges energy a surplus of sulfuric lead builds up within a battery. By removing or reducing the sulfuric lead, regeneration becomes possible. In order to achieve this a pulse switching technology is often used. It allows professionals to accurately evaluate the internal condition of the battery as well as dissolve any buildup of lead sulfate deposits on the battery plates. This results in an environment which allows a battery to once again accept, store, and release maximum power.

Originally, this type of management system was developed to keep new batteries in peak condition for a longer period of time. As the application of this technology was expanded it became a primary component of regeneration.

Users have the potential to benefit from regeneration in several ways. The first is financially. By regenerating batteries instead of purchasing new ones, the return on investment par battery is notably greater. Over the long run, a significant amount of money can be saved even when the battery regeneration costs are included in the equation. Additionally, battery regeneration offers environmental benefits as well. It eliminates environmental pollution due to sulfuric and lead contaminants which are often left behind when a battery is destroyed.

Battery regeneration techniques and technologies are still evolving and becoming more refined. In their current state, they have already proven to be economically and environmentally viable. The key is for battery regeneration to gain greater notoriety throughout the general population.

Source: GoArticles by Author Rosario Berry, a professional freelance writer, introducing Maroo Msc Inc.. While most people still don’t fully understand what Battery Regeneration is or how it works, they realize there is an alternative to simply replacing dead batteries with new ones.


(Image Credit – Maroo MCS )

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