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Writers And Contributors

Columnists and Contributors
Our columnists and contributors bring their passion and experience with technology to their articles. SourceTech411 writers research and publish reviews on their own schedule – you’ll find their articles weekly, monthly or when their tech muse decides to visit (which is typically when it’s time for a new gadget or personal electronic device). Look for them here as well as on their own blogs and on other sites.

Below is a list of our main staff and most frequent authors, each expressing themselves as their inner animal.

Artic FoxMelissa is a passionate content expert and copywriter. Qualified with MFA in English Literature, she has been writing for the past 7 years for web and loves to work on every niche. Her favorite topics include drones, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR)


IguanaHenrik is life-long gamer and visual arts developer. He usually writes about low-level hardware, software, and games, but it is emerging science and the future of technology that really gets him excited.



TeddyBearJellisa  contributes articles about network protocols as well as Apple topics. She is working on a PhD in computer science, and in her spare time enjoys building battle-bots.



FlamingoRonnie has degrees in Electrical Engineering and has always thought any piece of electronics can be improved by taking it apart and re-assembling with less components than he started with. He likes to write about product tear-downs and 3-D printing.


ParrotKendra writes about tech gear and travel gear. A physicist by day and  aspiring science-fiction writer by night, her educational background specialized in quantum physics, lasers and optics.



FishSam enjoys wind surfing, scuba diving, neural networks, street dance, video games, reading, and balletic executions of electronic malice. Her passions revolve around eco-friendly products, green tech and sustainable energy.



ElephantKayLee designs LEEDS certified buildings and public spaces for everyone to enjoy. Her articles focus on technology for the smart/connected home and offices. She has a background in cognitive science and evolutionary linguistics.



felineMarshall is an amateur astronomer and a certified meteorologist. He writes about space technology, communications and educational gadgets.




deerKimmie is the guru of personal electronics including netbooks, notebooks, smart phones and everything to power, connect and utilize them to their fullest potential. She has a passion for wearables and all things that light up.



HedgehogBrandon focuses his writing on AR, VR, MR and other un-real realms.





turtleAshley writes about travel tech and computers.





polar bearCarl’s life and work revolve around travel. He contributes articles on remote working and office technology.




raccoonSabine covers Android, Apple, Microsoft related products focusing on data management / manipulation and storage.

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