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Amazing Technical Travel Gear Must Have’s

The 21st century has given us a range of progressive technical equipment to make our lives easier. Gadgets, gear and tech are among the highest grossing items in both retail and online shops. Furthermore, activities have become easier to do as the active person can record progress, watch footage and capture moments which would otherwise be impossible to do. If you consider yourself an explorer and enjoy making use of modern tech equipment, then these travel gear items are a must have. Check out what is currently trending and how it could be beneficial to you.

Pocket Size Washing Machine

Too cool to be true? Not a chance! 2019 has made it possible for travelers on the outskirts of town or campers to keep it clean by introducing the pocket size washing machine. The Scrubba Wash Bag only requires 2 to 4 quarts of water and a touch of washing powder, and clothing is as good as new after a few shakes.

Portable Wi-Fi and Power Bank

Take the internet wherever you go, contact home and Facetime your kids. This is all thanks to modern tech such as portable Wi-Fi devices as well as power banks that work for up to 5 devices, allowing you to charge your mobile devices. What’s more is that the battery life is amazing, allowing you to take the internet with you on the go.

Mobile Apps

If you have a mobile device and you have a connection to the web, you can download a range of applications that will show you where to stop next, what to do in the area and even keep you entertained throughout your journey. For entertainment purposes check out Novibet casino games and stand to win real cash and kill some time when you are out and about.

goTenna Mesh

This nifty little device allows you to stay connected to the outside world even if you are off the grid. The device uses Bluetooth technology to share messages and location within 4 miles of open areas, keeping you safe and somewhat on the grid.

Water Purifier Bottle

GRAYL’s Water Purifier can transform any water into drinkable water in just 15 seconds. Take this fantastic creation on long hikes or camping trips to get the best quality water no matter where you are in the world.

Technology can be used to your advantage, especially with these incredible tech inventions. Get yours while it’s still hot for your next outdoors adventure.

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