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5 Film Tools to Help You Create and Produce Your Indie Film

What are the film tools that can help you make a movie outside of Hollywood? Check out the film tools in this guide to find out.

We’ve all heard rumors of iPhone movies attracting millions of viewers on social media. Some earn critical acclaim while others are unwatchable.

Earning success as a filmmaker outside the studio system is rare, but possible. To be successful, you need film tools that help you save money.

Film-making apps help automate your production process as you flow from script to screen. Here are five film tools to help you produce an indie film.

Story Planner

A good script starts with a well-outlined idea. Outlining an idea is the process of deciding on the major events that happen in each scene.

The Story Planner app is helpful in providing creative prompts throughout your brainstorming session. These prompts are helpful in keeping you organized so that the screenwriting process is seamless.

Final Draft Mobile

Final Draft is the Hollywood standard for screenwriters. The software formats your screenplay into a format widely accepted by most filmmakers.

But Final Draft is an expensive investment for many indie filmmakers. The introduction of Final Draft Mobile gives you access to basic screenwriting functions without the high price.

If you’re willing to write your entire screenplay on a tablet or phone, you get the best software features at a fraction of the cost. Writers can save to PDF or email script in Final Draft format to another writer.

Movie Slate

Scrubbing through countless hours of footage after filming is a chore. The Movie Slate app is a tool used during filming to help keep you organized.

Before each take, use a digital slate to mark scenes and create a sound marker. You will be grateful to see each sound marker on your editing timeline when searching for the beginning and end of scenes.

Rode SmartLav

Your smartphone wears many hats. One of them is a lapel mic.

The Rode SmartLav is a smartphone microphone with boom mic quality. Talent can wear connected to their own iPhones or a device you provide.

The sound files are easy to upload to a cloud or share via email. Manual adjustments can be made to sound files within the Rode mobile app saving you time in post.


Mac users get the privilege of a variety of editing tools when cutting a film. iMovie is a great option when editing content shot on a mobile device or imported from a cinema camera.

iMovie doesn’t require the fastest processor or largest amount of memory to work well. This means you don’t need to upgrade your work station in order to edit your independent film.

iMovie is one of the few film tools available on both a desktop computer and mobile phone. Visit https://setapp.com/how-to/use-imovie-on-mac for more tips on using iMovie for your indie film.

Finding Digital Film Tools

Digital filmmakers are less stressed when they use the right film tools. These tools can save you time and money by allowing you to avoid a large film crew.

Your level of organization can make all the difference when looking to meet film festival deadlines. Start your creative masterpiece with ease by checking out these top five film tools.

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