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Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Runners – 2020

Wireless Headphones JVC HA-ET65BV

You can still get some exercise while keeping your distance, and bring along your running coach. A virtual digital assistant coach that is. Our search for the best wireless earbuds for runners brought us to these waterproof JVC with a companion app.

Before we get to any of the special features, let’s start off with noting the JVC AE Wireless Earbuds (about $115 – model HAET65BV) are comfortable to wear and will fit well for all types of ears. These use JVC’s “Pivot Motion Fit” design which keeps the earpieces in securely in your ear and not falling out during a run.

We like the JVC come with 6 different pairs of inserts: 3 each of the “perfect fit / pivot motion” earbuds and 3 of the “ambient” fit adapters. The perfect fit give a tighter fit and higher level of noise blocking.

The ambient sound earbuds allow surrounding noise to be heard for safety during outside activity – highly recommended when street running so you can keep aware of traffic and other potential hazards.

After fit and comfort, we look at the audio quality. These have a good dynamic range and there is a “Bass Boost Function” to really accentuate the low frequency notes.

Music, as well as voices on calls, are clear even at the lower volumes. You’ll particularly enjoy this when using the snug perfect fit. We find that lower volumes are best when running since you can enjoy the music and not worry about damaging your hearing.

At the other extreme, these can go quite loud we which don’t recommend.

What sets these Bluetooth headphones apart from regular ones you can buy is the voice-assistant running-form coach. The real-time in-ear coaching is accomplished with a “Biomech Engine” chipset from beflex that is embedded in the earbuds.

Using data from motion sensors and 3-axis accelerometers, the AI “coach” knows your body posture, head tilt, stride length and width, how hard your hitting the ground, leg stiffness and more ( total of about 20 different metrics). You’ll get about 80% more running data than if you were simply using a fitness app on your phone.

Note you’ll need to have an iOS or Android smartphone loaded with the free Runspect app to make it all happen.

Collecting all this data, the real-time AI coach can give you guidance and reminders to keep you head-up, change your pace, etc. Overall, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps to improve your running form and reduce risk of injuries.

Another great feature we like is IPx5 Water Resistant rating. After a long run or other exercising, you simply run these under the faucet to wash them off. It keeps the clean and ready for the next time you head out.

Like most Bluetooth earbuds, these come with an in-line remote to control your music (play, stop, and skip tracks ) as well as answer phone calls. The built-in microphone has good response and people could hear our side of the conversation without any issues.

Battery life is a very good 5 to 7 hours, with a full recharge in under 3 hours with the included micro-USB cable.

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For general sports and exercising, as well as just listening to music and making calls, we think these are great earbuds for the price. But if you are a runner, these are fantastic!

Released in February 2020, you can order them now for about $115 – JVC AE Wireless Earbuds .


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  • Thomas

    It can be very nice with a little encouragement in the ear when you are out running alone. I have a Jabra Sport wireless headset that I use with the Endomondo sports app. It tells me my time in the ear each time I have ran 1 km. I get both the time for the last km and also the overall time and my average time. It can be very motivating and I don’t have to look at my phone all the time.