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Best Power Strip with USB for Home and Travel

Four USB and three 3-prong outlets, converts 220-240V to 100-120V

The DOACE power strip is all you’ll need to keep all your electronics powered up at home, traveling in the US or in any of 150+ countries world-wide. You get three 3-prong outlets (one is a converter, two are adapters) and four USB ports.

The converter port will step-down a 220V wall input to standard 120V for US appliances like irons, hair-dryers, and any others that have a mechanical on/off control mechanism. We like that this plug is located in the easy to see American flag stencil. You won’t have to worry about plugging into the wrong outlet when wanting the 120V US voltage!

It’s one of the most compact travel adapter / converters we’ve found. The cord unplugs from the power strip for easier and flatter packing.

We really like that the default plug is for US, which then plugs into the adapters for the other countries. Very convenient!

The adapter ports provides voltage at the input voltage, and should be used for devices that are rated up to 220V. This includes most USB power plug adapters, and many portable electronics.

One thing that confuses many users is that the AC outlets on the power strip are 3-prong, yet the power cord is only a 2-prong (“Type-A”). You’ll notice that the adapter plug for Europe (“Type-C”) and Australia / China (“Type-I”) are also 2-prong. This is because many countries don’t have a separate neutral wire (this is used in the wall outlet to provide a grounding for the metal box). You can still safely use your US devices with 3-prong connectors in this situation.

The  4 USB ports have a combined maximum output of 6A, with each port limited to 2.4A. For example, you could have 4 devices simultaneously charging at 1.5A each, or 3 devices at 2A each. If you are using only 1 or 2 ports, you still will only get 2.4A maximum for each.

There is one dedicated USB Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 port which is great if you need to get in and out in hurry. This is great when you are on a break or a lunch during a conference – just run back to the hotel room to get your phone or tablet recharged for the rest of the day.

(FYI – another favorite is the innovative “PowerCube” – here’s our review from last year  – about $35 from Amazon )

We have had the bad experience of travel strips melting down when fully loaded – it’s a little scary! The DOACE converters and adapters have excellent safety and protection safe-guards built-in.

Starting with the 10A fuse, so you don’t have to worry about an overload meltdown. The materials are flame resistant plastics – great. And it has a built-in thermostat switch for overheat protection.

The unit is tested and compliant with the safety agencies – CE ,ETL, UL security. And it meets the FCC standards – so you don’t have to worry about it interfering with your other electronics.

Get this handy travel adapter power strip from Amazon for about $30 (with the 10% off at checkout coupon). It’s also a “Amazon’s Choice”, so you’ll know that others have also liked this travel essential.

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  • Thomas


    It for sure looks like a great Power Strip for traveling. However, it seems like it is not available at Amazon anymore 🙁

    • Member Technical Staff

      Glad you like it – Amazon should have this available again soon, thinking the high demand has it out of stock.

  • Its Outlet

    This is because many countries don’t have a separate neutral wire (this is used in the wall outlet to provide a grounding for the metal box).