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Designing For Space And High Reliability Environments

Designing Products For Space

Welcome to this quarter’s special edition newsletter, focusing on designing for high-reliability and space environments.

These two areas present many of the most challenging requirements for designers – extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), radiation effects, shock and vibration, and no service call in event of a failure, just to name a few.

This 24-page .pdf is available for download using the link below:

Articles include:

  • A Comparison Of Space Grade FPGAs
  • Experior Raises The Bar For Vibration And Shock Testing
  • Understanding Single Event Effects For Space Applications
  • Hi-Rel Power Management With Peregrine PE9915x Family
  • LTC3612 – Hi-Rel Step Down Converter From Linear Technology
  • Hi-Rel And High Temperature Electronics Modules Collaboration
  • Space Qualified Standard Products, System In Package Solutions From 3D Plus
  • How Kickstarter Is Helping To Promote Private Space Flight

Explore this issue for insights to developing in this challenging environment, products and services to help you meet your requirements, and a look into possibilities for funding future space exploration.

Designing For Space And High Reliability Environments

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