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Finding Free Wi-Fi At The Airport

Wi-Fi At The Airport

After you get to the airport and make it through the security lines, it’s time to catch up on emails or just relax with a streaming video.

Unless you have your own dedicated air-card to connect with, you’ll be relying on the Wi-Fi provided by the airport.

To help navigate how to connect to the airport Wi-Fi and what you can get for free, our friends at AirFareWatchdog have compiled a list of Wi-Fi access at the major US and International  airports.

The good news for US travelers is that a few of the major airports offer free Wi-Fi access, although some come with advertisements or lower bandwith connections (sorry, no HD video streaming) :

  • Dallas (DFW) – Free with no restrictions
  • Las Vegas (LAS) – Free with brief advertising
  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Free for Basic (e.g., lower bandwith)
  • Philadelphia (PHL) – Free with no restrictions
  • San Francisco (SFO) – Free with no restrictions
  • Washington (IAD & DCA) – Free with no restrictions

Enjoy the flight and safe travels !

(Image Credit – Cancun International Airport)

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  • nick d

    SAN and SJC are free too. I think DIA has a paid service, but its been a year or two since I went through there.