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How small businesses can use tech for a more profitable year

Technology For Business

The new year has already begun, have you made any updates in your small business’ technology? If not, you might be costing your business money. After all, technology can help your employees function more efficiently. That, in turn, can make your company more profitable in 2016.

SmallBusinessComputing.com recently had a look at several of the more interesting business-technology trends for 2015. It’s worth looking at these to learn how you can boost your company’s productivity levels this year.

Cloud computing

One sure bet? According to SmallBusinessComputing, the time is right for small businesses to invest in cloud computing. With the cloud, businesses can store their software, programs and data externally rather than on their computers’ hard drives. This can make businesses more efficient; they won’t need to panic anytime their network crashes.

Using big data

You may think that big data is only for big companies. You’d be wrong, though. SmallBusinessComputing predicts that 2016 might be the year when small business owners finally reap the benefits of big data analytics to better understand their customers and their needs. This is something your small business should consider, as well. If you know more about your customers, you can provide them better service, something that will, in the long term, boost your business’ bottom line.

The end of desktops?

Desktop computers are expensive. And, increasingly, they aren’t required by most employees. As SmallBusinessComputing.com says, most employees today can get most of their work done on smaller laptops or mobile devices. Others can share desktops with their fellow workers. It’s time for your business to look at reducing the number of desktops it uses…and pays for.

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