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Technology is Changing Home Security

Article Contributed by Angela Caito

Technology has changed home security in many ways that make it easier for a homeowner to have efficient home security. While there are options for reliable in person private security guards, thanks to the advances in the digital world, ordinary citizens now have access to security right at the tip of their fingers whether they are home, at work or even away on vacation.

Let’s look at a few of the top choices for digital home security that can be used by homeowners today.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks have recently gained popularity because you can utilize the locks via a smartphone by using Bluetooth to lock or unlock the doors for you. While some smart door locks are standalone and work solely on the locks, others have been integrated with home heating and cooling systems to allow homeowners to use the thermostat control to place their heating and cooling system into power saving mode.

Smart door locks can be used with Bluetooth but they are even more powerful, and can be used with real time functionality to check door locks immediately when used with a direct Wi-Fi connection. These locks are ideal for those times you may head out to a social gathering or off to work and need to make sure you remembered to lock the door.

Smart Cameras

You simply cannot have smart door locks without also having smart cameras! For many years, home security cameras were thought of as an expensive luxury to have installed for home security.

Today, with the use of Wi-Fi, it is easy for a homeowner to not only use cameras to monitor their home, but they can easily be installed in minutes by the homeowner.

Smart home security cameras range from very inexpensive to costly, but they all work on the same basic premise; the average citizen can monitor their home while away by using their smartphone, laptop or other device to check in to see the family, watch the house while away on vacation or check to make sure the doors are all shut, locked and secure while at work.

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Smart cameras are used throughout the world in the public sector, it’s nice to now have them available at home. Smart cameras are invaluable to anyone who wants to have a secure home environment and wants to be able to monitor things while away from home. Best of all, you can save your live feed to the cloud where you can pull it up later if necessary.

Home Sensors

You may have seen window or door sensors that are standard with home security monitoring, but have you ever seen a sensor that can detect when the person entering the home or merely approaching the home is none other than the homeowner him or herself?

Technology today has advanced to the realm of sci-fi fantasy yet that fantasy world has now been fully integrated with the real world.

Smart home sensors have the capability to detect your presence and can open as well as shut and lock a door as you enter or leave the home. When the homeowner is away, the smart home sensors will detect when someone is approaching or entering a home or moving around inside and can send a notification to the homeowner’s phone or other device through email or text alerts.

While physical home security patrol or armed security is often considered an elite service to have for home security and it is the best way to ensure safety for your home or family, it’s good to know that being able to take measures to monitor our homes while away is easily handled using smart home systems we can access from any location with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

These technological advances to home security allow us to now feel confident that our homes are safe even when we are not physically there. Combined with personal security patrols, smart home security systems will help eliminate the worries when we need to venture away from home for work, school or extended vacations.

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