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Top Smart Home Trends as Seen at CES 2019

Smart home technology is skyrocketing in popularity with nearly 30 million smart home products expected to be sold during the course of 2019, according to the Consumer Technology Association.  During the recent annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 8-11, a number of smart home-oriented companies showcased their latest innovations ranging from air purification systems and space-age smart lighting to ground-breaking smart home security systems.

With these unique items hitting the market, the year ahead promises to be one filled with the absolute best of smart technology innovation.

Smart lighting

It has become easier than ever before to install smart lighting in the home. General Electric, for example, had a huge, brand-new portfolio of smart lighting devices at CES that included full-color LED lights, A19, and BR20 bulbs, and light-strips which are very popular at present.

Their latest line of smart bulbs, C by GE, completely eradicates the need for a specialized hub and works entirely via Google Assistant. All that is required is for you to screw in the bulb and wait for it to appear on the Google Home interface. Once that happens, you can use your voice to completely control the lighting in your home.

Other brands that showcased their latest lighting tech includes Sengled who revealed the latest additions to their Caséta smart lighting system and Phillips who announced a range of new smart outdoor lights.

Smart air purification

Smart air purification is getting an overhaul this year with innovative offerings aiming to detect and remove even more impurities from the air in our homes.

Italian start-up Clairy showcased Natede, a smart home-compatible natural air purification system that uses phytoremediation technology to eliminate up to 93% of VOCs and 99% of germs and bacteria from indoor air. Another impressive air purification offering that was on display at CES in Aura Air that monitors the air in your home for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), smoke, and allergens before removing it through a 5-stage purification process.

With the EPA ranking indoor air pollution among the top 5 environmental dangers, smart air purification devices such as those mentioned are bound to make their way into an increasing number of US homes this year.

Smart home security

Staying safe and secure in your home is a top priority for all Americans. Nest and Ring both introduced security systems over the past year with the former even unveiling a smart doorbell and smart lock.

Some of the systems featured at CES included Yale’s non-deadlock smart lock which is connected by August and Netamo’s smart video doorbell which is giving some of the bigger names a run for their money.

Other smart security products that will grace US homes this year include Schlage’s Encode which is the first-ever WiFi enabled deadbolt that supports Key by Amazon and a new doorbell from Maximus Lighting that boasts dual 1080p cameras that give you a full 155-degree view outside your door.

Smart home technology has changed the way we live in countless ways. If the latest tech that was showcased at CES 2019 is anything to go by we have a very exciting year ahead of us.

Author – Ali Alvis

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