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What’s The Best Way To Organize Cables?

Low cost (under $10) electronics travel bags

If you are like me, you have a tangled mess of cables at the bottom of your back-pack, brief-case and purse. Or you might be a little more organized and stuffed them into a shredding ziploc baggie. Some friends have been using small packing cubes to hold the assorted cables, USB charges and Flash Drives so they don’t get lost in the abyss of bags.

We found a better solution for how to organize cables with an inexpensive carry case.

There are hundreds of organizer cases to choose from, so we’ve selected 3 of our favorites to help narrow down the selection. We’ve looked at portable cases which easily fit in a back-pack or carry-on luggage, and are priced in the $8 to $12 range.

Please note – the cables and electronics do not come with the cases, they are pictured so you have a visual of what can be stored in the various pockets.

Top Pick – BUBM

This travel sized Cable Bag / Electronics Organizer (about $10) from BUBM gets our top slot for how much stuff you can fit in this small bag. We like how it folds down in thirds to a compact 5.8 x 9.4 inches.

You get your choice of 7 different colors (Black, Blue, Light Blue, Grey, Olive Green, Purple, Rose Red) for the heavy-duty, durable and waterproof nylon case.

The zippered pouch is great for the small items like SD Cards, USB Flash Drives and Batteries. The 5 center mesh slots with elastic bands easily hold all types of cables (USB, HDMI, etc.). And the remaining spots are good for adapters and USB chargers.

Everything you need to carry should fit in this organizer.

Alternative Favorite – Sunsir

The sunsir Travel Cable Organizer Bag (about $11) is also made of durable, waterproof nylon fabric. The zipper closure keeps the two sides secure in a compact 9.8 x 7 x 0.8 inches (L x W x H).

It’s available in 5 basic colors – Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Violet. Personally, I like orange for my organizer cases so that I’m less likely to forget them when traveling.

There are 12 high-quality elastic loops, 3 small easy-to-access mesh pockets and 2 inner zipped mesh pockets. Plenty of options for securing your cables, powerbanks, memory cards, keys, and other accessories.

Smallest Bag – Muyasea

Our final pick is for smallest size and lowest price. The Muyasea Travel Cable Organizer Bag (about $9) measures a compact 9 x 7 x .75 inches.

The case is made of waterproof nylon and comes in 6 colors (Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Purple, Red).

It has 1 zippered mesh pocket, 8 elastic bands, 5 smaller mesh compartments and 3 full-width areas.

Final Thoughts

Don’t spend too much time searching around for a case (and also not searching around for your cables after you get the case!) and trade-up from a ziploc storage bag to one of these nice accessory holders. Here are the links to Amazon for more details and ordering:

Muyasea Travel Cable Organizer Bag – about $9

Cable Bag / Electronics Organizer – about $10

sunsir Travel Cable Organizer Bag – about $11


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