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App Growth In Entertainment Industry

Growth Of Entertainment Apps
Growth Of Entertainment Apps

Apps dominate the mobile web sector

Today’s apps are truly incredible and it seems that Android and iOS users agree. A recent study in the US showed that users spend more time on mobile apps than they do on any other mobile functionality.

Massive increase in app usage

It seems that users spend an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on mobile apps with Google Maps, Facebook and YouTube being the most popular. The study also showed that users spend 86% of their time accessing apps, and only a paltry 14% surfing the mobile web, illustrating that app time is increasing and browsing time is decreasing.

More than a fad

When mobile apps were first launched many considered them a fad but with more than a million apps available in both the Google Play and Apple App Store the fad has turned into a phenomenon. These apps now dominate the mobile space and many of the free games have become worldwide sensations that have spurned full franchises and other market related merchandise.

Time consuming entertainment

Before apps were invented, mobile users probably spent time watching TV or socialising but since apps came along it seems that many users have switched to this form of entertainment. Gaming, social and messaging apps seem to rate the highest in terms of time spent, with gaming taking up 32% of users time, social and messaging taking up 28% and entertainment such as YouTube coming in at 8%.

Evolutionary mobile entertainment

The app industry has changed the face of how users enjoy their favourite entertainment and the online casino industry, which is the world’s biggest and most profitable internet-based entertainment sector has also taken advantage in the app based gaming shift. Top online brands like JackpotCity have created mobile compatible games and the tablet and smart phone gaming industry is now thriving, much like the online industry did in the past. Other industries have also had to adapt and create apps that can be utilised on the go and many marketing teams have spent days creating mobile entertainment or information-based programs that can be downloaded onto a portable device.

App usage has eclipsed mobile browser use dramatically over the last few years and tech giants have realised that they need to capitalise on an ever-growing mobile audience and be competitive in an arena that’s trajectory just keeps climbing upwards.


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