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App Ideas Not Worth Developing

Apps, Apps, More Apps
Apps, Apps, More Apps

At every conference or tech summit I attend there is at least one person talking about the latest app developer millionaires and billionaires. The conversation then pivots to their idea for the next big moneymaker.

It seems that I’m not the only one that gets pitched to help develop, market, fund or asked for feedback on their fantastic concept.

Unfortunately, most are just not worth developing for one or many reasons.

As the Director & Chief Strategist at Fueled (a mobile app development company), Ryan Matzner sees more of these bad app ideas than the typically techie. He’s profiled some of the worst in a recent Business Insider article, and below are my top five ideas to cross off your list immediately:

Selling Public Parking Spaces – think of Airbnb for your car

GPS Based Chat – get to talk with people around you, but on your mobile device

Pee Break – for when you want a friend to go with you

Shock Therapy – rather than just monitor your activity, this will activate a small electric shock to remind you to keep moving, eat better, etc.

Happy Hour Deal Finder – way too many of these already

There is still a huge market for apps, especially as Android and Windows mobile platforms gain popularity. Just be sure to invest your energies wisely.


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