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Assembly Instructions For Tool-less Cat5e And Cat6 Unshielded Keystone Jacks

Tool-less Keystone Jack
Tool-less Keystone Jack

Tool-less unshielded keystone jacks for Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet make for easy and fast wiring connections.

These do not require soldering to make a permanent connection.

The keystone jack uses a clam-shell type mechanism, that when closed and pressure is applied, will cut through the wire insulation and secure the wire in the assembly.

A simple process to connect your cable to a tool-less keystone jack is as follows:

1 – flip open the keystone jack wiring cap cover

2 – remove about 1.5 inches of the protective plastic shielding from the cable bundle

3 – insert the twisted pairs and a small portion of the shielding into the strain relief tube in the entry cap

4 – untwist and straighten the twisted pairs of wire

5 – insert the wires into the matching color coded “v” openings in the wiring jack

6 – flip closed the keystone jack wiring

7 – trim the excess wire

8 – use the included snap tool to apply pressure to the cap to close the jack

9 – thread the zip tie through the holes to secure the two halves of the housing

The assembled jack is now ready for insertion into a faceplate.

Keystone jacks are typically available in Black, Blue, Red, White and Yellow. You can purchase these for under $1.25 in volume from ASSMANN WSW components and are available through authorized distributors and DigiKey . Included with each keystone is one snap tool and one  zip tie

An overview of the keystone jack specifications from ASSMANN WSW components :


  • RJ45 Jack Housing: ABS, UL94V-0
  • Jack Bracket Set: PBT, UL94V-0
  • RJ45 Jack Contact Material & Finish:
  •                 Phosphor Bronze
  •                 Contact area: Min. 3MM 50 Micro-inch Gold plated over Nickel plated
  • IDC Housing: PC, 94V-2
  • IDC Terminal Material & Finish:
  •                 Phosphor Bronze w/Min. 50 Micro-inch Tin plated
  •                 Suitable for 23-24AWG stranded & solid wire
  • IDC CAP:PC, UL94V-2


  • Wiring: T568A & T568B
  • Insertion Force: 900 GM for 8 contacts
  • Retention Strength: 7.7Kg between Jack and Plug
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C
  • Durability: Jack: 750 cycles Plug-Jack mating and un-mating test, Insertion cycles at 20 cycles/minute max. Contact resistance test per 100 cycles.

The Cat5e transmission performance is in compliance with the ANSI/TIA/EIA 568 B.2 Standard

(Image Credit – ASSMANN WSW)

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