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Astrium And Italian Space Agency Presenting At International Space Commerce 2013 Summit

Astrium Satellite
Astrium Satellite

Nazzoreno Mandolesi, President of e-GEOS and Member of the Board at the Italian Space Agency will be speaking along with Astrium EADS at the International Space Commerce Summit that will take place on the 29th and 30th of October 2013 in London.

The Italian Space Agency is one of the most significant players in the world in space science, satellite technologies. e-GEOS is a leader in the development of mobile systems for exploring the Universe.  Astrium EADS is the number one company in the European space industry, with a mission of “bringing the infinite potential of space down to Earth for the benefit of mankind”.

Plan to attend this key networking platform for the leading contributors of the space industry that will host an outstanding panel of experts. These government agencies, public corporations and private space companies will share their expertise with the audience on how to successfully establish and develop commercial activity in space.

The speaker faculty for the ISC Summit includes:

The international Space Commerce Summit would be delighted to welcome you on board to enjoy this opportunity to develop your business, form new partnerships and promote your innovations to the international bodies that can support and help you implement new business within the space industry.



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Call the ISC Summit at their offices in London at: +44 20 7111 1615


(Image Credit – Astrium EADS )

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