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ATOM’s Portable Power Outlet IndieGogo Campaign

Portable Power Outlet - PPO
Portable Power Outlet – PPO

The ATOM boasts several impressive features that help the user utilize power in an efficient manner. The charger’s 30000mAh, rugged, and safety-tested battery provides just the right amount of power needed for the day’s activities. Additionally, the ATOM’s universal power outlet allows users to charge any device without the use of adapters. With the device’s rapid USB charging, iPhones can be charged in under an hour.

According to an article available on the product’s website, the ATOM was designed with power and longevity in mind. Its creators, Luv Sheth and Avinaash Venkatasubramanian, added a unique heat dissipation mechanism to the ATOM, which allows it to operate close to peak efficiency and ensures that no energy is wasted. The ATOM also guarantees the safety of devices being used by powering them through pure sine waves.

“We are so restricted to using our electronics close to wall outlets that we do not even realize the possibilities of having access to energy everywhere,” said Sheth. “This shift in the way we use energy is extremely similar to how cell phones revolutionized communication: we went from being able to communicate only when we were close to landlines to being able to access the world’s information on the go. The ATOM allows you to have access to energy anywhere you go.”

ATOM’s team plans to unveil more key features of the product leading up to the IndieGogo campaign in August.

Individuals interested in learning more about ATOM can visit the company’s website for additional information. Readers are also encouraged to view the promotional video for to learn more about the product.

About ATOM:

Development of the ATOM began in July 2014 by two university students from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The organization is spearheaded by Luv Sheth, who has a background in mechanical engineering, and Avinaash Venkatasubramanian, whose background lies in business development. ATOM also created a useful , which outlines the technology behind portable power outlets. For more information, please visit



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Image Credit – ATOM

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