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Authenticated Payments for Online Purchases From SEKUR Me

Digital Payment Tools From SEKUR ME
Digital Payment Tools

SEKUR Me, Inc. shows its Authenticated Payments™ — the only patented product in the marketplace offering secure one-click mobile web payments, including Apple Pay™.

Until now, Apple Pay was only available for point-of-sale (POS) payments and in-app purchases. With its approval from the Apple App Store, SEKUR.Me is the only product to bring the convenience of Apple Pay to mobile shopping sites.

“SEKUR Me is the only company that implements a Universal Buy Button” stated company founder and CEO Jack Bicer. “We do not process payments, we remove the payment friction. SEKUR.Me can work with payment methods like Apple Pay or directly with any payment gateway. “We can do the entire checkout process with payment processing in about 5 seconds. Both on desktop and mobile web browsers. also eliminates the abandonment points in the checkout process, increasing revenues.” said Bicer.

Since the Universal Buy Button™  can work with all platforms and gateways, it eliminates the need for multiple buy buttons on eCommerce sites. It works with both Android and iOS mobile devices and with any browser—Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and others, mobile or desktop. The user experience for a checkout can boil down to a single click where purchases are completed in as little as five seconds, increasing the conversion rates.

According to, 70 percent of consumers prefer using mobile browsers for shopping rather than mobile apps because it’s more convenient and allows consumers to access eCommerce sites from multiple devices.

The Universal Buy Button is built on top of the patented mobile payment app that integrates commercial-grade multi-factor authentication with a smartphone’s unique hardware and the user’s fingerprint for ultimate security.

In the U.S., 31.2% of online traffic is generated by smartphones, yet only 9.1% of purchases come from smartphones. That’s a 26.1% gap. For every one purchase, 2.5 purchases are left on the table due to the difficulties in mobile checkout, the tedious task of using a smartphone’s tiny keyboard to enter name, credit card information, billing and shipping information, which typically requires typing 150 characters or more. This 22.1% gap adds up to $18 billion in online mobile sales that might have taken place…but didn’t. Sekur Me is designed to capture this 18 billion dollar gap.

About SEKUR Me, Inc.

Founded by Jack Bicer, the inventor of Uninstall and Automatic Software Updates, privately-held SEKUR Me, Inc. eliminates the online payment friction for eCommerce and mCommerce sites. Its patented technology combines single-click convenience with multi-factor authentication, providing convenience and security. also eliminates user IDs and passwords for safer logins. For more information, visit or email

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