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Avnet Launches Service To Develop Mobile Apps For Customers [VIDEO]


Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development

Avnet, a worldwide distributor of electronic components and embedded technology, recently increased its technical support to include mobile application development for customers.

Electronics distributors have traditionally deployed a team of Field Applications Engineers (FAE) to assist customers with the hardware segment of their designs – everything from explaining new IC product features, to assisting with system-level designs, to providing application code for processors, controllers and programmable logic, through to helping customers debug their prototype boards.

Adding engineers to their internal Embedded Software Services division, Avnet provides another resource for customers to both increase their existing market presence as well as introduce new products and services.

In the video below, Jon Parks – Avnet Business Development Manager, Software Services Group – explains why more customers are using mobile apps and how Avnet helps customers with development:

Avnet Embedded Software Services And Consulting Video (1m, 34s):

In the video, Mr. Parks highlights why mobile apps development is critical for business success:

Applications for customers to differentiate from competitors and create new revenue streams.

Mobile app development may not be a core competency for many customers, requiring them to hire new iOS, Android or Windows Phone engineers.

By working with Avnet, customers can leverage expert resources for App design, development, porting, testing and internationalization. Speeding time to market and keeping key engineering resources focused on the big picture.

Mr. Parks provides two examples where mobile apps allow you to view and manage data from anywhere:

  • Doctors swiping through images or videos of scans with patients
  • Remotely manage content on a digital sign

Other ideas where a mobile app which overlays an existing hardware platform are:

  • Monitoring / Controlling Lighting in both residential and commercial spaces (e.g., intelligent LED bulbs)
  • Remotely opening / closing a garage door or electronic door locks
  • Accessing security systems

Customers can learn more about Avnet Application Development and other Software Services at:

Embedded Software Services And Consulting


phone: 1-888-636-3658

(Video Credit – Avnet )

(Image Credit – Fotolio )

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