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Babys’ First Wearable Electronics – Mimo By Rest Devices

Mimo Wearable Electronics
Mimo Electronic Onesie

You are never too young for your first wearable electronics, at least according to Rest Devices. They’ve announced a baby sleep shirt with sensors to monitor a child’s temperature, breathing, body movements and sleep position.

The ” Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor ” (starting at around $50 on Amazon for a set of 3 onesies with a basestation – you supply the baby) connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to its companion base-station, which in turn sends the information to an app on Mom’s, Dad’s or the Nanny’s smartphone. Both iOS and Android are supported, with no information as yet on Window’s platforms.

The wearable electronics clothing market has sometimes struggled with providing a product that has a real function while also being practical. LED T-shirts showing Space Invaders are a fun novelty item, but don’t really address a market issue. And you can’t machine wash them.

However, Mimo is machine washable and serves a purpose – it may help with preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Using customizable alerts, the Mimo sensors can send a message  if the baby’s breathing stops for unusual lengths of time.

Rest Devices touts their new smart sleepwear as being made from all organic cotton and “tested by babies and approved by mothers”.  Up next for Rest Devices is a smart bottle and warming unit that will let parents know how much milk a baby is drinking.

For more modern conveniences and wearable tech for your child, have a look at Ms. Jenn Millers article Everything You Need For Your Baby, According to Science.


(Image Credit – Mimo)

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